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*Ruby Slippers* (rubyslippers12) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 13:22:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:ill be home for x-mas i guess

    I thought i got over my dang cold i had it like month ago but i still have had a little bit of a stuffy nose now its back....everybody's depressed for various reasons im not really in too bad of a mood but people are just getting really annoying...i want to have a lot of friends you know like i mean i have a lot of friends but theyre not close my ideal friend would be some one like the same size as me so i could share clothes with them and some one kind of popular so i could have some connections and someone that didnt have any really annoying quirks like some certain people that im not going to point any fingers at right now cause im just not in the mood to have anyone mad at me right now,,, ok im like dying of boredom i was gonna read earlier cause i felt like it but i dont now and then i had my karioke [is that a japanese word??] microphone thing out and i was singin to that but every time i get so bored and run out of ideas of stuff to entertain myself i just come to my computer.. my laptop broke down so now i cant play sims...mad this all sucks im just gonna go eat something now

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