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*Ruby Slippers* (rubyslippers12) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 15:03:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:HEYA

    sweet potato
    I have to do this live nativity thing at church in a minute we have to stand in the cold and stand still while no one drives disapointed cuz i only have like 6 christmas gifts but my dad was like dont worry there will be more but its like 14 hours till im gonna open presents and there bettere be more by then. im mad cuz my face keeps getting more and more badly covered with zits but right now theres only some in the left side of my nose,,,thats so disgusting. anyway i have this really yummy smelling perfume and im wearing it right now or have it on or whatever and it smells really good. last night i had to go to dinner with my dad and we ate at this new resteraunt at a golf course and its like really fancy and we were just wearing jeans so it was kinda uncomfortable. Clare, this girl thats in my math class whos like rich and crap was there and shes such a snob god i hate her... i mean im rich (not trying to brag) but shes too showy ya know? so its christmas time...this always happens to me before a holliday! i feel like its an ordinary day and i never get in the holiday spirit untill its actually the holliday so i guess ill feel more chrismassy tomorrow.. g2g!

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