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Megan (roxychick06) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 14:39:00
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    Current mood:indifferent
    Current music:none, but I can hear the skimmer in the pool making noises

    First entry...and more to come...
    Ok well hello to whom ever reads this...which will must likey only be me cause Im not going to give out the name site or what ever. So this way I can express my feeling with out having to worry about people yelling at me or geting mad at me. So here I go. We shall start out with yesterday and into today. Yesterday I had practice then after practice Iwas supposed to go to Elainas (sp) house for a bonfire, but come to find out Nick A. is having a party also. So I went to Nicks. Yeah yeah I know that Im not a very good friend but what am I goint to do about it? So I get home and keep in mind that I didnt tell my mom that I was going to Nicks. And she goes "is there anything that you want to tell me?" and I go what are you talking about. Yeah well come to find out she went to pick me up from Elainas house and I wasnt there. Yeah so I kinda lied my way out of that one by saying that I was there but only like 2 minutes becuase Katie and Elania dont like each other and "Bug" doesnt know her. So yeah thats how I got out of it. But now that its all done with I feel really bad and I know that I should of gone to Elania's.
    But that's enough of that... on to another subject. This morning. I was waken up by the good ol' mom with the sound of her vocie saying "come on lets go the boys are ready to leave." I deffently went to the air show today and there was no questioning the fact that it was at least 90 f-ing dregee out there. But is was still fun. I liked being out there with the family...we accually got along for once haha. The air planes were awesome with the smoke and the stunts in all. It was a good show all togther.
    Now Im at home and watching my little sister as she sleeps, yeah this is the best job ever. But I guess thats all for now. I dont think that Im doing anything today. Im not hanging out with Heather, Nick said that I shouldn't. But see the funny part to that is that Heather told me not to hang out with Nick. So what they are both telling me is that I have to I want to stay friends with the girl that Im so close to she's like my sister or the guy that Im closest to because he is seriously the big brother that I never had. Well aside for the fact that we made out, but since we are not really brother and sister its all good. haha Im out.....Peace!

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