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..I swear I must be dreaming.. (roxychica2447) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 21:45:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:FiNcH 'SeNd ThE PaIn BeLoW'

    Lil bit about me..
    1. name: jenny
    2. d.o.b.: December 6 1986 i'm sixteen babe lol. 17 in 6 months well almost 5!! yesssssss
    3. location: Oak Lawn (chicago, Illinois)
    4. occupation: student and lots more..

    1. hair: blondish- lil longer than my shoulders
    2. eyes: green and blue
    3. height: 5'2

    1. clothing: anything pretty much. usually whatever i feel like wearing no matter what lol but i'm
    2. music: everything pretty much
    3. make up: black eye liner, purplish silverish dark lip stick..
    4. bodyart: belly button and soon to be eyebrow :) and maybe my bottom belly button
    1. wearing: eeyore pj shorts n my cancer walk tshirt
    2. listening to: Eminem
    3. thinking of: nothing really other than figuring this out... the whole background thing . i'm numb.

    1. bought: ohh god lol a phone
    2. ate & drank: macaroni and cheese and wild cherry pepsi
    3. read: to kill a mockingbird for like the 3rd time.
    4. watched on tv: SWK
    1. tea or coffee: neither theyre both disgusting
    2. achiever or slacker: lately, an achiever babi!
    3. beer or cider: cider
    4. drinks or shots: both r good but i like drinks betta i'd say
    5. cats or dogs: fish
    6. single or taken: both are good but sumtimes i'd jus rather be taken... don't gotta worry about all the damn guys
    7. pen or pencil: pens
    8. gloves or mittens: gloves
    9. food or candy: food
    10. cassette or cd: cd
    11. coke or pepsi:PePsI!!!
    12. hard or mild alcohol: hard
    13. matches or a lighter: lighter
    14. sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: sunset beach
    15. Rickie lake or Jenny Jones: Ricki

    1. kill: HAH
    2. hear from: anyone hott...
    3. get really wasted with: tricia or Adam cus that was always gunna be fun if i didn't switch to pepsi so early on new years eve
    4. look like: idk noone?
    5. be like : myself
    6. avoid: hmm lots of pepole

    1. touched: sydney- b4 she took her nap
    2. talked to: liss-a minute ago
    3. hugged: tricia
    4. instant messaged: liss
    5. kissed: Mike no not mike lol i was going to tho! hehe he's a QT. it was dan... :X otherwise if that didnt fuckin happen cus i didn't want it to... adam.
    6. who broke your heart: adam

    1. eat: anywhere
    2. dance: everywhere
    3. cry: anywhere
    4. wish you were: florida or hawaii

    1. Dated one of your best friends?: yup for 6 hours lol
    2. Loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: yeah, still do
    3. Drank alcohol?: yeah!
    4. Done drugs?: umm... hehe no!
    5. Broken the law?: sure
    6. Ran away from home?: yeah
    7. Broken a bone?: my elbow lol
    8. Cheated on a test?: yeah
    9. Skinny dipped?: lol yeah
    10. Played Truth Or Dare?: who hasn't?
    11. Flashed someone?: ohhh man yeah
    12. Mooned Someone?: nope
    13. Kissed someone you didn't know?: no
    14. Been on a talk show/game show?: nope
    15. Been in a fight?: me and kelly at the library lol it was kinda a joke tho.
    16. Ridden in a fire truck?: yeah
    17. Been on a plane?: yes
    18. Come close to death?: yes.. i don't remember what happened tho it was really weird.. I wouldn't have even known i died it was the weirdest fuckin thing im tellin ya
    19. Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend?: nope.. but he still thinks i did.
    20. Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?: yes
    21. Eaten a worm/mud pie?: nope
    22. Swam in the ocean?: yep
    23. Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?: yeah

    WHAT IS...
    1. The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: none
    2. Your bedroom like?: um right now its jus covered in pix.. and messy NO WAIT i cleaned it!! GO ME *YAY*
    3. Your favorite thing for breakfast?: cereal
    4. Your favorite thing for lunch?: nething i want!
    5. Your favorite thing for dinner?: anything
    6. Your favorite Restaurant?: i have a lot.. lol i used to really like red lobster tho!! MMM yummy
    ARE YOU...
    1. A Vegetarian?: no
    2. A Good Student?: yeah
    3. Good At Sports?: hahah yeah right
    4. Good at wakeboarding/snowboarding: no
    5. A Good Singer?: not at all
    6. A good Actor/Actress? idk i can be :)
    7. A deep sleeper?: no.. i wake up reallllly easily..
    8. A Good Dancer?: yeah! lol how about no?
    9. Shy?: not really
    10. Outgoing?: yeah sorta
    11. A good storyteller?:hell yeah lol

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