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..I swear I must be dreaming.. (roxychica2447) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 16:57:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:Cant be your friend anymore - rushlow

    I* dont even *know
    This thing thats come between us cant be ignored. ive taken all i can. this is where its gotta end. cus i cant be your friend anymore..

    and i cant be accused of not bein there for you. How many nites have you shown up at my door? i hope you understand. that this wasnt in my plans, but i cant be your friend anymore.

    and its..
    killing me to know you
    without havin a chance to hold you
    and all i wanna do is show you
    how i really feel inside
    and you can run at me
    you can laugh at me
    or you can walk right out that door
    but i cant be your friend anymore...

    d e d i k a t e d*

    Okay so its been a while like... 3 months maybe? update on summer. i went like everywhere with dan. Sox cames, movies, lots of stuff... it was fun. we now have a fighting ground at stony creek. hehe fun times.


    well we are in touch and then he has a mood swing and tells me to never talk to him anymore. but then 2 days prior to that he was telling me that he really loves me. we talked on the phone from 11-2 AM.

    which i felt bad about cus i have a bf. YES i said bf.

    its so weird. its taking sum getting used to and i dont even kno what i feel to be honest with you. because hes 2 years younger than me.... and hes not adam. it kinda makes me feel weird.

    like i cant picture loving anyone but adam and he has absolutely no problem telling any other gurl he loves them. i wish shed die because she took away everything ive ever had...

    its not entirely her fault hes the one that chose to leave

    i keep telling myself hes no good. hes not a good bf. he cheats on her all the time... and blah blah. i just really miss his friendship. i miss him calling at 11 37. i miss our"love" haha. that we created... but now that means nothing because he does that with her too.

    thats another point i have yet to make. i cant do enthing with my current bf cus its weird.... i feel like im molesting him lol. thats why i dont c how adam could have sex with his gf.... it grosses me out.

    i mean i really like matt hes a great bf, he watches his language in frunna me hehe and hes so kind + hott. i just wish he was 2 years older dammit. hes gonna get his tongue peirced when hes 16....why cant he be 16 now? that pisses me off!!! Lol a HOTT bf with a tongue RING yum!!! gotta test drive that shit! hehe

    im supposed to go to dreamreapers tonite. im so scared i dont wanna go at all.

    but im out

    ill write later


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