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every star that i see is brighter than the last (roughxdraft) wrote,
@ 2004-03-08 21:23:00
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    Current mood: morose
    Current music: blink 182 // the party song

    the taste of ink is getting old....
    ugh where do i begin? today was... i dont know. we had the science fcats today... it was fun though. during the test, me and pervy finished early, so he was kneeing my back through the chair, and in the second part of the test (session 6 i think) we were writting notes on my earaser... haha oh wow there were some funny things we talked about. i love that kid. then yea lunch... i lost my virginity to kaltys foot \= haha. james started using his wallet to hit my boobs... *ouch*. haha, horrowscopes were funny today. everyone is getting laid... haha right then. oh, and by lunch, freddy, janaye, and james knew who i like. haha oh well what can i do \=then i went to film studies and of course, caroline opened her mouth and said :amazing, a little more obvious next time maybe? because i couldnt tell it was about me right as i walked past you and you looked at me. grow up. then later on (towards the end of class) i started feeling... depressed. i dont know why, i just got this horrible feeling of complete sadness... out of nowhere. this is happening to me a lot... im pretty scared, because thats not normal. it just happens so much... so then i go to chem, and im all silent and i drop my stuff off at my desk and then perv said "jewie yr so quiet" and daniel said im so unjewish. didnt even care this time.then eventually i came back, and i took my test that i missed. then i took a quiz... then i went to talk to ms posse... except not really. i just needed to get out of there. then i came back and jones roberts had to leave... so i was just sitting at my desk doing nothing and perv was like whats wrong? you look so sad. what happened? stuff like that... he kept askin everytime he looked at me. kristyn started too. she tried to make me smile- bunch of stuff. gahh i love those two. kristn told me im not allowed to go home cause of... yea. then perv asked if i was staying, and i said yes, and he was like oh cool. then the bell rang and perv grabbed me and was like c'mon jewie lets go... so were walkin and danny bumps into me but in the way he used to when we were... yea he started actin like he did before. then sally runs up and gets me so i go off with her. im sitting on the wall outside, and (long story short) freddy and timmy try to cheer me up. massive timmy hugs werent enough today \= i think its funny- freddy can actually be serious and a caring friend and stuff. its just weird, considering this is the kid who threatens me with breast cancer. oh well, thanks kiddo. then i did a little guitar/talked with facundo.... tehn.... bleh the rest of the day was just bad \= but what else is new? yea im done i think. wanna do bad stuff, but im trying hard not to. oh well.

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