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rotmonke (rotmonke) wrote,
@ 2003-01-31 22:21:00
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    Current mood:amused

    A Seifer Epic

    AN: hey guys, this is my first story. This is the first is the series that I thought up. Please r&r!!! Zellfer 4 evre!!!

    Ultimacia has been defeated, one day Seifer retruned to the Garden. Quistis was the first to welcome him back. Quistis says, “Are you embarrassed that Squall saved you from Ultimecia’s spell?”

    Seifer repliues, “fuck yeah, wouldn’t you be?”

    Just then, Squall came up behind him and said, “Hi.” Seifer quickly pulled his gunblade out. One swish decapitated Squall. His burst into flames. Quistis yelled, “How could you do that.” Seifer said, “Hah hah now I proved thaht I am the best.”

    As this happened, Zell came through the roof because of the strong magnetic force Seifer was producing. As Zell fell into his arms, Seifer said, “What do you want Chickenwuss?” And Zell replied, “To fuck you into oblivion.”

    Just then Rinoa came into the hall where Squall was dead. She screamed and said, “I will get you for killing my belovd knight!!1” Seifer and Zell just laughed. Seifer said to Zell, “You can handle this one.” Zell said “Okay,” and then punched her in the face. She fell down beside Squall and went uncounsious. Seifer said “Hah ahah ahah.” And then they flew away, destroying Garden with their laser eyes.

    “I love you soo much,” sadi Zell. Seifer laughed and said, “Duh, your with the best,”

    The gift of fic is a fine gift indeed.

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