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♥ RoJi ♥ (rojilicious) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 21:47:00
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    Current mood: energetic

    1. What colour of socks do you own the most? White. School socks.. LOL!
    2. Which flavour do you hate the most (overall)? Cheese! Argh!

    Busy day. I wasn't able to review fot tomorrow's Chemistry quiz. Instead, I chatted with Czarmayne. LOL =D So there, bad me.

    Nadine and Rudolph were absent today, I wonder... Haha, joke. Nadine is having a fever, while Rudolph, went to Bacolod. Chemistry and Chinese class were fun coz time went really fast. Recess, wrote this letter for Elmer (Filipino class). Kevin also came and chatted for a while. Haha, we're against, you know.. =P

    Filipino class was boring. Chinese Viewing, I didn't watch much coz I was studying for Bible class' verse deadline. A little free time coz the electricity power was off, dunno why. I memorized the verse to Czarmayne before Music class started. It wasn't that hard, Psalm 1 & 117.

    Lunch break, we practically spent the whole time discussing about *you know*. Bible class, discussion on fellowship vs. worship. English class, thesis statements. Argh! Homeroom time, I copied my Chemistry notes. So there, the day was fast..

    I printed this one and showed it to some of my friends. Haha, they laughed to death. Hope that there'll be no 'major problems' because of this. Haha ;D

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