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♥ RoJi ♥ (rojilicious) wrote,
@ 2003-09-22 19:43:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Through the Rain - Mariah Carey

    1. Do you have a CD/DVD burner? Nope.
    2. What is your favourite tv channel? AXN.

    Today was fine. I woke up a lil bit late but I still had the time to go online. ^^ Edmond even phoned me.. Aww, so sweet. <3 I was having a hard time on choosing what shoes I'll wear in school. My first choice was my blue Skechers (the strappy one.. matched with my blue strawberry socks, haha!) but Mom said that it didn't look good so I just wore my black Acupuncture.

    Chemistry class wasn't fine, our teacher's lesson notes were hella small and we couldn't read it. Chinese class, the usual. During recess, the girls and I browsed the varsity book again. LOL =D Nico Nacino's sooo cute! =) He studies at Makati Hope Christian School and is also featured on Candymag.

    Filipino class was boring. History, our teacher was absent so after a very short seatwork, free time! =) Anj & I chatted for a while, about boys. Haha! *Winks at Anj* How I miss being courted, but then, I'm happy with Edmond now. <333 Geometry class was fine, early lunch break. ^^

    Lunch break, we had a meeting about the teacher's Day that will be held on Friday. The girls and I also decided to go to Power Plant on Friday, after the celebration. Yay, bonding! =D English class, boring. =/ While the teacher was doing her lecture, I was copying other notes. Haha, bad girl. ;P Chapel hour, as usual, boring. =( Speech class, we were grouped into four and did skits.. It was fun. Laughtrip. =)

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