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Rodney Goff (rodneygoff38) wrote,
@ 2011-08-26 06:36:00
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    Men's Hair loss - Treatments That Are Effective
    Don't worry if you're a man facing hair loss; there are many effective treatments available. Though new solutions are in the works all the time there are plenty of effective treatments on the market today. With so many options such as diet and nutrition plans, prescription drugs, and hair transplants the odds are good that there's a program for you.

    Numerous chemicals on the head could be reinforcing loss of hair. Men don't always pay attention to their daily routine of hair care, on the other hand, women usually spend a fortune on hair products. If you use items like gels, shampoos or conditioners with harsh chemicals or hair dyes to get rid of gray hair, these can sometimes have a harmful effect on your hair. The person who styles your hair might be employing this type of thing also. Refraining from using all but the most calming shampoo and conditioner is one thought. If your hair is reacting badly to a certain chemical, switching to something more natural could help stop your hair loss.

    Exercise is almost always a good idea; but hair loss presents a unique set of circumstances.

    Strenuous exercise may get the blood and endorphins pumping but it does very little, it seems, to stimulate the hair follicles. This is because strenuous exercise elevates testosterone levels in the body, and in some cases, this can create an increase in a particular type of testosterone, called DHT that contributes to hair loss. This is the primary reason that performance enhancing drugs like steroids are so widely associated with hair loss. It's not necessary to skip exercising completely but you can accomplish a lot by altering the intensity of your workouts.

    Eat a diet rich in foods that are associated with healthy hair. Try a diet that offers a lot of protein and very few bad fats for better heart health. Skip out on red meats that carry their own high fat risks with them and opt in for diets that are filled with lean proteins like chicken, eggs, fish, and beans. Junk food is public enemy number one for many men suffering from hair loss so keep it and the toxins it provides out of your body. A healthier diet overall can be one of the best things you do for your hair loss prevention efforts.

    There are many different things that can cause and cure hair loss. Hair loss can be the byproduct of genetics, medications, and general health. There isn't something negative or bad about hair loss or leading up to it either. You should be able to slow down the progress of your hair loss if you put these great ideas to work for you right away.

    Hair Loss Clarification Concerning Men

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