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Roderick (roderick22) wrote,
@ 2011-06-09 12:10:00
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    Checks In The Mail............Or So You Considered
    Picture composing a check payable to Visa for $one hundred, placing it in an envelope and walking it and various other costs to the mailbox at the finish of the driveway for the letter carrier to pick up.

    Later, you receive a VISA statement showing payment previous because of and a late cost. Then later, you find out that the cellphone and utility corporation hadn't received their payments possibly.

    A check out to the financial institution reveals your check to Visa as effectively as the others, had been cashed, nevertheless, the dollar amount had been modified. Even more investigation revealed the checks were manufactured out to and cashed by an person using fake identification.

    How could this have transpired? The criminals stole the mail from the mailbox and used a method recognized as check washing. They erased the ink on the checks employing chemicals found in typical home cleaning merchandise and enhanced the dollar sum payable to themselves under assumed names.

    According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Support specific components of the region are viewing an improve in "volume" mail thefts, particularly in Phoenix, Arizona, and portions of California and Texas. Volume attacks arise when someone steals the mail from neighborhood delivery and collection box units, or from blue Postal Services collection boxes, postal vehicles or apartment residence mail panels.

    What is alarming is it only takes a single stolen item- an outgoing bill, an incoming checking account statement- to give a thief the info he or she desires to steal your identity.

    The basic public offers small considered to their mail. Most men and women perceive bills-incoming and outgoing- as getting no perceived worth. However, by stealing an outgoing bill payment or incoming credit card application, credit card replacement or recently printed checks, a thief can steal your identification.

    Thieves typically target mailboxes at the end or the starting of themonth when expenses are paid. Some law enforcement officials have also seen mail theft increases during the Xmas holiday getaway year when dollars mailings improve.

    The type of mailbox that you make use of can determine your vulnerability. Cluster mailboxes, such as the sort found in new subdivisions and apartment complexes are beautiful to thieves simply because one theft can develop numerous items of mail.

    Suburbs also get hit hard since they have rural type mailboxes on the street, which are quickly accessed by a person driving a auto or walking up and down the street. A red flag on a mailbox is an open invitation to identification thieves.

    In some locations, the improve in mail theft has been linked to methamphetamine addiction. The addicts steal mail to get checks and credit card account numbers to help their drug routines.

    It seems methamphetamine addicts have turned to mail and identity theft simply because they are non-violent and non-drug relevant crimes with lenient penalties. There is also significantly less opportunity of apprehension.

    The following safeguards will help decrease your probabilities of becoming a victim of mail theft:

    o Avoid sending dollars in the mail. Use checks or cash orders.

    o Have your submit workplace hold your mail while you are on trip or absent from your property for an prolonged time period if time.

    o Remove your mail from the mailbox as soon as it is delivered if achievable.

    o Don't depart outgoing checks or paid out charges in your residential mailbox. Consider your mail to the submit workplace or drop it in a U.S Postal Support mailbox. Also consider paying out bills electronically, a great deal of financial institutions now supply this option.

    o Purchase a residential mailbox with a locking mechanism or install a mail slot to your current doorway.

    o Consider starting a neighborhood observe system to help maintain an eye on mailboxes and report suspected mail thieves.

    o Contact your credit card business instantly if your card has expired and you have not however received a substitute or you do not acquire your monthly billing statement.

    o When you purchase new checks, do not have them sent to your residence. Select them up at the financial institution as an alternative. Or, have them sent registered mail so you have to indication for them personally.

    o Shred or tear up canceled checks. If you want to save them, make confident you put them in a secure area.

    o Don't leave gaps and spaces close to dollar indications and numbers, as the minimum small space can give criminals area to modify the volume. Also fill room in the "payable to" line. This can be accomplished by drawing a strong line in blank spaces.

    o Consider ordering checks with additional security attributes that discourage tampering.

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