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Lindsay (rodeodoll) wrote,
@ 2004-09-15 22:06:00
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    Current mood: impressed
    Current music:The All-American Rejects

    Nothing has happened in the past like...year.
    Well, not true. In the past like...12 days or so. Kinda. ISH.
    So, seeing as how nothing spectacular has happened, I'll just......write about nothing.
    Know what I really like? I really like salt and vinegar chips from our snack shack. There are just so many in the bag. (Unlike the BBQ ones...which by the WAY for those of you actually CARE...I hate BBQ anything.)

    Wait no....only BBQ chips. Oh and I HATE RIBS. But I love BBQ steak & maybe even chicken if I'm feeling frisky.

    I also really like good music. I like the music we listen to in Leadership class. Like U2. And hmm....Greenday. They make me happyyyyyyyy. I love my friends, I honestly do.

    You wanna know my advice of the day?! Of friken Wednesday september 15th?!?! DO YOU?!

    Well here it is: Stay true to your friends 'cause they'll save you in the end. -Sam Roberts

    How true can those lyrics get? I like my friends. I love my friends. THANK GOD for my friends. I just....I'm happy. I'm fine. I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine.

    Spaggios, you've helped me lots in the past while, so special thanks to you. :o) Really...just, thanks.

    PS: I recieved many phone calls tonight....I'm impressed. I miss Mia so much. But she's coming to the dance in October & I just CANNOT wait. The withdrawal continues day after day, but I love her and she knows it so all is well in Pleasent vill. Oh, and Jason came 'round again! He's just such a fun kid. I think my mom is in love with him due to he does chores for us all the time. Anyhoo, have a nice night everyone!

    Lindsay Alison

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