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|| tiffany || (rockstarbabi) wrote,
@ 2003-02-26 16:16:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Nothing

    Wow! i haven't written here in a while!! Let's see where I should start! Nothing really has been going on. Just school and stuff! I quit my job! But I think it was for a good reason. My boss wanted me to work so many hours and I could only work 10-20 hrs a week since I'm a full-time student! It's hard to work and go to school and still have enough time to study!
    But anyways, nothing else has been going on! Katie and I are friends again!! Yay!! I really miss talking to her online and when we started talking again it was like we never not became friends before! (did it make sense?!) LoL! But I really did miss talking to her! She's gonna hook me up with a guy! LoL! haha!! Who knows maybe I'll get lucky enough to have actual boyfriedn. Heck it would even be online..
    I feel like Brandi and i are drifting farther and farther apart!! I think it's all because "Houston" and her are such good friends, and she doesn't have enough time to talk to her! Well, the only time we ever talked is when Nick is on, or she's really bored! But then sometimes we just say hi, and that's about all. But oh well!! I guess that's what happens! I think it's off for me to go and study for a pre-calclus test!! How fun!! byeeeee

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