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I've Got Stars In My Eyes (rocksolidheart) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 00:26:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:from autumn to ashes

    i'm hungry
    [x]Name: Amanda Lee
    [x]Birthdate: September 14th
    [x]Birthplace: Boston
    [x]Current Location: The rich, exciting, "city" of Weymouth
    [x]Eye Color: hazel i guess
    [x]Hair Color: I'LL NEVER KNOW
    [x]Height: 5-4.. 5-5, depends on my mood :)
    [x]Righty or Lefty: righty tighy [ok that was uncalled for.]
    [x]Zodiac Sign: virgo

    [x]Your heritage: take a wild guess. who else who create a last name with CUM in it besides the perverted irish? hahaha
    [x]The shoes you wore today: what about them.
    [x]Your weakness: men with a sense of humor, being alone, and school
    [x]Your fears: scary movies, roller coasters, beginnings and endings, and school
    [x]Your perfect pizza: darren's home made pizza :)
    [x]Goal you'd like to achieve: i don't want to grow up to be another 9-5
    [x]Music Choices: hmm. lucky boys confusion, zebrahead, yellowcard, count the stars, reunion show, plain white t's, something corporate, brand new, 311, sugarcult, from autumn to ashes, get up kids, starting line, the movielife, the hippos, rx bandits, sublime, chevelle, copeland, thursday, ...

    [x]Your most overused phrase on AIM: phrase? "haha"
    [x]Your thoughts first waking up: where am I
    [x]Your best physical feature: the tumor on my left ass cheek, check it out sometime
    [x]Your bedtime: usually 1030ish
    [x]Your most missed memory: everything in life eventually comes to an end.

    [x]Pepsi or Coke: who cares
    [x]McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
    [x]Single or group dates: depends on the mood
    [x]Adidas or Nike: psh
    [x]Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: neither
    [x]Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
    [x]Cappuccino or coffee: coffee
    [x]smoke: nope
    [x]Cuss: boo ya
    [x]Sing: heh.
    [x]Take a shower everyday: yep
    [x]Have a crush(es): who cares.
    [x]Do you think you've been in love: once
    [x]Want to go to college: yep
    [x]Like high school: school sucks
    [x]Want to get married: eventually
    [x]Believe in yourself: well, somebody has to..

    LAYER SIX: ( In the past month... )
    [x]Drank alcohol: c'mon now.
    [x]Smoked: no
    [x]Done a drug: no
    [x]Had Sex: every damn day
    [x]Made Out: hee.
    [x]Gone on a date: several
    [x]Gone to the mall: nope, can't say that I have
    [x]Eaten an entire box of Oreos: IT'S BEEN DONE!
    [x]Eaten sushi: i almost had 'moo goo gai pan' in the pagoda, those of you that were there
    [x]Been on stage: yeah man
    [x]Been dumped: it sucks dude.
    [x]Gone skating: years ago
    [x]Made homemade cookies: yep
    [x]Gone skinny dipping: indeed not
    [x]Dyed your hair: always
    [x]Stolen anything: no, yo tengo mucho dinero ahora mismo

    LAYER SEVEN: ( Ever.. )
    [x]Played a game that required removal of clothing: i forget
    [x]If so, was it mixed company: heh. pervert
    [x]Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: what do i look like
    [x]Been caught "doing something": what the fuck.
    [x]Been called a tease: haha everyday
    [x]Gotten beaten up: nope
    [x]Shoplifted: you asked me that already
    [x]Changed who you were to fit in: never

    [x]Age you hope to be married: 23-24
    [x]Numbers and Names of Children: three kids
    [x]Describe your dream wedding: an outdoor summer night wedding, lit only by candlelight
    [x]How do you want to die: feeling accomplished
    [x]Where you want to go to college: who cares
    [x]What do you want to be when you grow up: happy.
    [x]What country would you most like to visit: iraq

    LAYER NINE (In a guy/girl..)
    [x]Best eye color?: blue
    [x]Best hair color?: green :)
    [x]Short or long hair: short
    [x]Height: taller
    [x]Best weight: who cares
    [x]Best articles of clothing: ?
    [x]Best first date location: my house
    [x]Best first kiss location: Cameo anyone? haha

    [x]Number of CDs that I own: who knows
    [x]Number of piercings: dos
    [x]Number of tattoos: none yet
    [x]Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 3 or 4
    [x]Number of scars on my body: 3 from appendicitis
    [x]Number of things in my past that I regret: never regret anything. accept the truth and move on

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