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I've Got Stars In My Eyes (rocksolidheart) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 20:07:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:reunion show - alligator love trap

    8:00, I just got home from work to an empty house. My parents are at Brian's parent teacher conferences. I feel bad for the poor kid, He tries pretty hard in school and he does twice as bad as I do and I'm three years older than him. I helped him clean his room last night and it was kind of like old times, we had this huge clean clothes fight in his room and shirts were flying everywhere. I'm proud of my whip marks. :) It was my Mom's birthday on Sunday and I bought her a gold ring for $150. It had me and Brian's birthstones in it, and I paid for it with all of my own money. Dad took me shopping and we talked, it was really nice. He took me out to dinner and told me things I will never forget. I guess that's lame to put in here but that night meant a lot to me. Confirmation is coming soon. I'm actually kind of excited. 10 years of CCD is finally coming to an end. I know it seems nowadays it's cool or something to not believe in God, but I do. I think we are all here for some kind of purpose and he has plans for us after we die. God forgives. I was so close to honor roll this term and I think I have it in the bag for next term. So excited. My so called 'anxiety' is somewhat better, I've been seeing someone to talk about shit and it's helping somehow. Twice a week and I look forward to it. Completly ironic? ON November 30th I'm going to see Zebrahead. OH MAN I'm so excited. Deftones was scary. Moshpits, fights, and the most pot i've ever seen at the same time in my life. I walked out smelling like marijuana and as deaf as helen keller. Funny as hell though, some drunk girls standing right next to me started fighting and all I heard was 'motha fuckin' bitch' over and over. The manager of the Palladium said the Deftones fans smoke the most pot than any band she has ever managed. :) So glad I went. My uncle is the bomb. 10 more days. I'm in the mood for a long hot shower.

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