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NoThInGnEsS qUeEn (rockishfemme) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 19:31:00
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    Current mood: indifferent
    Current music:coldplay ?? in my place ??

    .. and nothing else compares!!..
    listening to the live coldplay cd - thanks to el cousin for buying it!! later in the week shall be actually watching the dvd - lol

    anyway - changed around the colors in the layout - but i forgot how to change the font's color - and i had done that before. lol

    ::a true coldplay fan - learns to appreciate the fact that "clocks" had been so fooking played out::: << random fact of the day ^_^

    things have gotten better - but they arent quite to the point where i want them to be - there still something odd and missing about something - i worry too much though.

    tomorrow's the show - BAM! like that :) Taking back Sunday and Saves The Day - cant wait - its gonna be awesome - hope that the gals and i have a great time and yeah we will. the boys are all gonna watch Revolutions at 7 - i think - gee - hope you guys like it and oh yeah if u wanna spoil it for me - its okies - i dont really mind. it has mixed reviews - but then again - not all most movies - we end up liking have bad review - so w/e - watch it and enjoy it!

    school was alright - actually it wasnt a bad day at all - did silly work and talking in all my classes - well 3rd period i read most of spin magazine :) - the one w/ fabrizio on the cover!! yum

    lucky u! u get a picture that i love and well just found! lmao

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