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Phil (rockie_23) wrote,
@ 2003-04-12 03:19:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:Saves the Day - Through Being Cool

    School: Blah... Mid-term marks are to be handled in on Monday. Not really excited about it. Mostly because I know I could be doing better but due to laziness, I lack that extra 'umph' to carry my ambitions through. Aside from that, teachers are becoming a drag. Mrs. Emmons is really good though. *thumbs up* Mr. A. however... I would think he'd be the coolest out of everyone but he's prolly most anal... o.O

    Friends: Hmm... As always, I love all my friends. I'm in the midst of 'making-up' with everyone however due to the fact that I've had a rather 'anit-social' streak in my life. What can you do about that though, right? Writing a bunch of e-mails to peeps see how they're doing and giving random down-low on my life... etc. I miss them all muchly.

    Love: Missy is in my heart. Nuff said? Can't wait to go to Oregon as soon as I can. Hopefully everything works out. I'm quite excited to see her. I love you Melissa.

    God: Same as 'usual' I guess... I'm sure our relationship could be a lot better. I need to go back to church for sure. Something's holding me back... If anything, it's fear. I guess fear of being looked at funny due to the fact that I haven't been there in a long while now. But I must go... I want to go so I should.

    Family: Dad went to bed early... and what do you know? He's awake now ((3:15am)) on the computer! No surprise really.... Of course, I know what he's doing in there.... I don't care to expand on that anymore. Mother is sleeping. She's been rather tired the past few days... Mar's been quite annoying... lousy selfish freak that can't walk to school and requires waking up a tired mother to drive her... What an ass. Nicole's busy with studying for finals and will be moving home soon I guess. Gonna have to help her move. Lots of problems raising though due to moving/work/school, etc... Blah. Family... *sigh* I guess things are rather same-oh same-oh eh?? Ya....

    End Note: Nothing. Going to eat some lasagna... and then prolly bed.

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