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Christine (rockerweenie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 19:18:00
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    Blah Blah
    I went in to mom's tonight to have a yummy sketty dindin. It pissed rain both ways so the driving was horrid on the smooth, freshly paved roads. I missed my cat. As soon as I got in the door I didn't even say 'hi' to my mother. I ran up to my old room and called out my cat's name. He was nowhere to be found. I searched the entire upstairs, the bedroom and all the bathrooms. I even searched the atic and the closets that were closed up. As I headed back to my room I saw him look at me from under my bed. It was nice to see him. I scooped him up and have him a giant cuddle. I sure do love my kitty. I carried him downstairs and sat in the living room kissing his little pink nose. I wanted to bring him back with me but-not possible. Anyway-

    Becky is comeing out for a wee visit, she might bring Sarah along. I'm not exactly fond of Sarah, but I am sure I will survie. Perhaps Red or Penny will attack her. Stupid short annoying bitch-wow. That was harsh being that she really hasn't done anything to me. She just annoys me with her laugh. She is so damn loud. The day she dropped out of school was a blessing. I remember sitting on the other side of the cafeteria and all I could hear was her laughter or her loud mouth over everyone else. It was horrid.

    Speaking of visitors-guess who failed to show up, let alone call or get ahold of me another way... Luke. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. (I'm not really-I just had my hopes up.) Perhaps I'll get to talk to him tonight and hear about all his fun he had at the party last night. I remember yesterday morning before our drug argument he asked if I knew what he was going to be doing. I said probably get drunk, do drugs, and fuck some girl. Well-I was only right on the drugs bit. (Stupid moron he is... I'm just not cool with drugs but we wont get into that) He said to me in a somewhat funny tone, it was-I could tell, "You think I'd have sex with someone tonight?" Why not-he's an attractive guy. He could get whatever he wanted... Attractive, sweet, nice.. smart yada yada...
    I want him. Damn, do I want him. Let me play with my hopes yet again... OH! I so hope he wants me too! That would be just so perfect! ... *rolls eyes* Anyway, Becky is here. So-joy she is with Sarah... Later

    *slams door* ~Christine

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