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Christine (rockerweenie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 08:53:00
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    Damn People
    I hate people. Yesterday I did nothing simply because I was tired as hell from the work week. I blew off Becky's party-I'm sure I'll hear about it come Tuesday night when I'm back home and she can get ahold of me. Luke had mentioned coming down today-maybe. "We'll see" being his words exactly after he suggested today, it is Sunday-right? Anyway, yesterday during my doing nothing I was playing on since I oh-so love it there and was oh-so bored. I was reading some poetry boards and I found this girl's poem and everyone had been bashing it. So, I did some bashing too because, to be honest, it did suck. However, before posting the truth, I also told her to not let what others were saying drag her down and discourage her from writing for if others don't think a poem you wrote is good, it really doesn't matter because you wrote it and it, at the very least, means something to you. Anyway, she sent me a note asking me to read her other poems that she posted on the same board-there had to be 15 or 20 of them and it pissed everyone off on the board except me. They take it way too fucking seriously. I read all her poems and commented on them as she asked me to do and then I'd read other people's posts about them and-god damn. People are just so god damn mean and take it all way too fucking seriously. Honest to god-I just checked my bolt notes and Ihad a million 'youre a stupid bitch', 'you just have no taste when it comes to poetry', 'challenge accepted' (I never challeneged anyone to anything) ... they're pissing me off. So-I hate people.

    Last night I decided to write in my real journal since it was laying on the couch. I hadn't written in it since the 4th of July, so I had a lot to catch up on. I decided to write about this past week, July 19-26th and well-it took me a good hour and myhand hurt. I stopped after 2 lines of complaining on the 26th. I also haven't introduced Luke in my journal. I mentioned him in a couple entries and I kept saying "I'll explain Luke later." Meaning sometime I'll have to explain him or else I'll have no clue who the hell he is when I read my journal 20 years from now.

    Do you ever do that? Just read your journal years after it has been full? I kind of like doing that. It makes me giggle and laugh and.. make fun of myself. Of course, I'm only 18 and I'm sure anyone would laugh at something they wrote when they were 8. Heh-I was such a dork. Even things I wrote when I was 13 and 14, well not even, but they were very odd. I'd think 'what the hell was I doing?' Anyway-it doesn't look pleasant out so I doubt Luke will bother mentioning him coming down. "I want to hang out with you... " Ha... ha.. ha.........

    ha. *Slams Door*

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