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-roLe-modeL- (rocker_hunnie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 19:08:00
Previous Entry  Add to memories!  Add to Topic Directory  Tell a Friend!  Next Entry long....till later....
    Hey everyone! It's me your favorite role model here to chat it up abit about life. It's January 9th and the cars packed and loaded for my trip back to school tomorrow. This is something I've looked forward to since I came home for break last month, but now I've got other feelings, ones that make me want tomorrow not to get here so that I can chyl with my friends for a little longer. Jessica, I love you sis. You are just way too awesome and crazy... hints the reason I love you so darn much! But you can count on me being there to watch you walk across that stage this May! Almost there babe! Almost there!!! Jeremy... I have had the best time just sitting on your couch and watching MTV with you. It doesnt matter what we're doing, when we are hangin out together I am so happy. You are such an amazing guy and I hope we can continue our friendship for a long time. Hopefully none of those Enid girls will snatch you up while I'm gone....(crosses fingers). Rocky...get better soon babe... I love you. All my friends at school I'll see you tomorrah! Oh wait and to Heather and Wayne congrats on the wedding and I cannot wait for my new niece Arieana Lynae to get here! I love you Arieana! Okay... Thats it for now...
    ALways...your roLe modeL....

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