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-roLe-modeL- (rocker_hunnie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 20:48:00
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    .....weird feelings.....
    So I'm back from Enid. 'Bout to head back to college on Saturday. I really missed Texas, untill Jeremy. Now I'm going to miss's so weird. I am really into him, and it scares me. It's not one of those 2-day crushes... and its definately not a 3 weeker either... dear night! Whatever will I do??? Anywho....Jessica Lauren, I love you. You and I have been friends since the 6th grade.... and we have been through hell and back more than once. Through all that we've been through... it's only made me love you more! Here's to growing up! .....To all the kidos out there.... live life to its fullest capacity...there is way to much to live for to be giving up now. Believe me I know. This entry has gone from one topic to the next but I want to get serious for a moment... yes lite brites are way neat-o and the way the sand tickles your toes when your curled up next to you guy on the beach under the stars is romantic, but there are too many people out there at the breaking point. I know, because I've been there. I have been through more than this page can hold and I want you to know, if your thinking about ending it, please dont, because I love you. Yeah, thats right... I love you and I mean it. True I dont know you but I do love you, because your you. Please contact me if you need to talk. My email is Seriously... I'm here
    Love always,
    Your concerned roLe modeL....

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