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moojae (rock_royalty) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 00:36:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    so long 2003...i have a boosted confidence for this year!
    why is it that parents make a big deal out of new year's? a ball drops in time square every single year. oooh confetti...thats about it. well, im glad that 2003 is done and over with. that has to be without a doubt the worst. especially summer 2003. too much for me to handle but i miraculously was given the strength to actually live through it. now it is 2004. im not going to make a resolution cuz i am not in a state to believe in resolutions at the moment. instead, i am making a new year's plan for me and here it is everyone in plain, simple form:

    1. wisen up.
    2. get real on life.
    3. talk more to the close ones i have lost reach with.
    4. figure out what i seriously want to be after highschool.
    5. discover my true ambition.
    6. focus on the ones who matter to me.
    7. listen to the ones who know i exist in their world.
    8. thank those who helped me through the hard times of 2003
    9. don't let anyone get in my way of finding out the truth
    10. shoot down anyone who gets in my way
    11. get an LJ account

    that sums up the plan set for this year. i don't normally stick to resolutions which is mainly why i call mine my 2004 PLAN. i will provide brief explanations for the following points above.

    1. enough of all these charades of life. the sick game stops here. im gonna act on whatever comes by me. no matter what it is, i will not chicken out. if a situation falls in the hands of me, i will see the real deal upon it rather then looking at it blindly with only my two eyes. basically, im not going to let anything hold me back or bring me low. i am seriously gonna go for it. everything. all of it. im not gonna be scared anymore. im tired of holding back. nothing is going to stop me from shining and finding the truth.
    2. the world isn't all rainbows and cute animals prancing around. its about knowing what you want and going for it. im gonna get real and see to it that the world can be about rainbows and cute animals prancing around if you put your mind to it.
    3. this speaks for itself.
    4. i need an ambition.
    5. someone help me.
    6. this speaks for itself.
    7. to the people who care about me, you are my guidance.
    8. thank you cameron. thank you louisa. thank you vanny. *tanks to me irish lads and lassies ='D cam*.
    9. i want to make my own mistakes while finding out whats right cuz its part of being human and living.
    10. to those who waste time and pretend to exist in my life and are really just there for decoration: get out of my way.
    11. if blurty screws me over one more time like it has gazillion times before, i will switch automatically to LJ cuz it honestly seems easier to keep up with. *sigh*

    ^well, thats it up there. all i have to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERY ONE...SO LONG 2003!!

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