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Nat & Ros (rock_chics) wrote,
@ 2002-12-23 10:01:00
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    Current mood: irritated

    I'm sitting at work again. I guess I am not the only one who has to work over these days, but it still sucks! *nods* Well, I'm happy that I don't have to work the whole time, just today and tomorrow. Then I will have some holidays and have to start working again on january 3rd.

    Yesterday my family and I, we were invited to my grandma's place. She wanted that we go and celebrate 'early' christmas there, since my grampa has to go to the hospital on 24th (that's normally the day were we celebrate with my grandparents). It's just for rutine check. I enjoyed the time being with them. Well, more the time being with my grampa than my gramma..I don't know why I don't really like her. Well, she's an old woman, maybe that's why. I totally adore my grampa. He's such a sweetheart. He always looking at me and smile. And then he trail off "Nat, you're looking good.", "Nat, you're such a sweetie." and stuffs. That's kinda cute. He's also the one who likes to joke around with me. He always past by our house on saturday or something and used to ask me, why I don't go out and stuffs. And I should go out if I can. I'm still young. And I have to watch out of the right guy. *hehe* But then he always says: "Be careful of the guys! I know how I was when I was in that age!" *awwwwww* How right he is!! =o)

    Yesterday I called Kris. It was a nice talk, even I didn't have much time because I had to go to the hospital to pick my grampa up. He tried to cook yesterday. Well, he cut a piece of his fingers off and had to go to the hospital. He joked around with the doctors when I got there. Like: "Why are you here, Nat? I will stay here until next tuesday, so you don't have to drive me here a second time..". How funny he could be sometimes.. *a big whoo to sarcasm*


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