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Nat & Ros (rock_chics) wrote,
@ 2002-12-21 21:33:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Erm.... all I hear right now is the news... lol!

    Rain, rain, rain.... (Ros)
    Aaaww man.... it's been raining everyday.. since like wat.... end of Nov, I guess.. But this afternoon was like downpour.. with the thunder, lightning and stuffs. As always, I haven't been writing in cos nothing much have been happening. Except that my aunt has been admitted to the hospital again on Thursday and she's still there right now. She was admitted last week but was discharged the next day. But now... I guess her blood pressure is really high... She's pregnant, with high blood pressure and now the doctor won't let her home. And he said that if her blood pressure still remain like that, they would have to do a force delivery. It's not that bad, I guess.. She's like 8 months plus and if she can't have a normal delivery, they would have to operate on her... I visited her on Thursday and this afternoon too... I've lost count of the numbers of cousins I have. haha! Just hope this one won't get on my nerves when he grows up. lol!

    Anyhoo.... I really need a job right now... I might be going for yet another interview on Monday. It's hard to get a freakin' job now... Every interview I've been to, all they said was, "We'll give you a call soon" And soon means never. lol! I won't stop looking, of cos...

    OoOoo well... The MTV Asia Awards will be held in Singapore again on Jan 24th. Natural was here this year for the event and it was really cool. Well, the show wasn't that awesome but Pink & P.O.D were really gr8. hehe... And next year.... guess who will be here?! LoL! Mike Shinoda & Joseph Hahn from Linkin Park, baby!! LoL! It'll be much more better if the other guys would be here too... esp Rob or Phoenix. LoL! So what if he's old, May! Haha! Other than that, Missy Elliot, Nick Carter, Avril Lavigne(bleh), Blue, Suede... will be here too.... I can't remember who else... And the hosts are Shaggy & Coco Lee. Can't they get better hosts? (Right, May?) LoL!

    Oh well... I gotta jet now! Not feeling too well after making two trips to the hospital. haha! I don't like hospitals. Like I told Nat... The only time I was actually admitted there was when I was born. lmao! Hospitals just give me the creeps.... lol! See ya in the next entry, then! Ciao!

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