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Nat & Ros (rock_chics) wrote,
@ 2002-12-09 01:46:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Cleaning Out My Closet ~ (Eminem)

    Aww.. it's been a long time.. (Ros)
    Hey! I havent been updating for ages! I actually have a lot to say, but I'm just too tired to type so much. lol! So, I'm just gonna update a bit. I just celebrated a festive season called, "Hari Raya" which basically you celebrate after a month of fasting. And we've been out visiting relatives on Friday and Saturday. Well, this is like the time where kids take the opportunity to "collect" money from the elders. lol! And well, yeah... I collected some too. haha! Well, okay, I collected quite a lot! lol! And I went to my grandma house again on Sunday cos I was so bored at home and since its still the festive season, lots of my relatives came over too.
    Anyways, I will probably go out with my friend one of the day this week to do some christmas shopping. lol! i always do things at the last minute but since i'm free this week, might as well go out and shop for stuffs. hehe... if not, i will never get anything done. haha! oh well, guess i'll probably go to sleep now. i'm still tired and need some more sleep! lol!

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