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Nat & Ros (rock_chics) wrote,
@ 2002-11-26 12:28:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Radio - *NSync

    Finally I'm baaaack! (nat)
    Awwwww..back on track!!
    UK was cool. London was great! I only had a hard time to figure it out what the british peeps wanna tell me b'cos britsih english is kinda hard to understand! LoL I was like nodded my head all day long everytime I don't understand anything! hehe =)

    Anyhoo..I guess everybody who knows me knows that I'm weird and I'm clumpsy and stuff like that. Well, my friend who came with me to London is kinda like me. No surprise! LoL
    Well, we didn't call the cap as we arrived in London. We just wanna do it on our own. In the end we were two strong tough womens, right? ;) Anyway, we had a 1 1/2 hour ride with the tube to get to our destination. And as we arrived there we just couldn't find our hotel! We were there walking around with our bags (of cos they were heavy! My back still aches!) and tried to find our hotel. Hehe.. It was so funny. We asked around but unfortunately nobody could tell us where that fucking HILTON was?! Hey, I mean, HILTON. Nobody knew where HILTON was! C'mon! They just shit us!! You dare tell me you wouldn't know where Hilton was if there's one in your town. We ended called up the hotel to ask if they could send us a bus. And then the friendly receptionists told us that there was a shuttle bus crusing between the tube station and the hotel every 15minutes! Awwwww... we're so dump! LoL

    Anyhoo..we were dead and just wanted to sleep. The bed was too big for me! Hehe =)
    The next morning we got in to the city by tube. That was cool actually. It was empty so we could sleep a lil longer in the tube. We just had to be ready to get out of the tube in the right place. Finally we reached the city. And the first thing we've done was: GO AND GET COFFEE FROM STARBUCKS! What would I do without a CARAMEL MACCHIATO in the morning?! THANK GOD FOR STARBUCKS!! We walked around and it was so cool. It was sunday mornin and there weren't much peeps in the city. Even the weather was cool! =) We enjoyed our coffee walking around and sunbathing..haha..sunbathing in London! hehe

    Ok, what shall I say? I had a lil accident in the hotel room then..hehe..but yeah..don't wanna tell ya more bout that.. LoL

    Oh and we attend that Poll Winners Party. It was cool. I would say the best things were KELLY OSBOURNE and prolly THE CALLING. Well I didn't expect both of them at the award show and was surprised. I had like my own party as Kelly was there on stage performing. Hehe..That was fun! The others were watching me like they've seen a ghost. I guess they prolly didn't like her music tho'... =)
    But hey, someone should tell the peeps in the UK that they shouldn't take those whistles with them to concerts. I think I'm deaf now! Those lil kiddies made me deaf! Help!!!

    Justin supposed to be at the show either. But thank god he was not there!! Hehe..Awww...I'm evil!! =)

    Ok, the next day.... I was **** and woke up a lil late. We then packed as fast as we could and then heading to Heathrow. Actually we were there quite early! We checked in and went shopping and eating. Then we sat there and talked about stuffs then suddenly I took a look on the watch and saw that's already 2.20pm! The plane supposed to take off at 2.10pm! LMAO We just grabbed our bag and run!! As we arrived at the gate they said that we should sit down it will take like 30minutes until we can go on board! WTF! We hurried and then we have to wait?!
    Anyway, we arrived in Zurich with a delay of 2 hours..

    I kinda dead now!!


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