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Nat & Ros (rock_chics) wrote,
@ 2002-11-08 01:29:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Rendezvous(Craig David)

    Just can't get it rite!! (Ros)
    Aaahhh..... I've been trying to work on the site since like few hours ago.. and I just can't get it all right. This is so.... frustrating! haha! Watever... I just need a lil break now, so just thought of updatin this diary. hehe... Anyhoo, things have been going well on my side. I just got a new cell phone and I totally love it! It's a Nokia 3610. The first time I set my eyes on that phone, I told my cousin how much I hated it. LoL! But yeah, now I love it. haha! Oh, and I've been trying to compose some ringtones too. haha! Had a hard time doing that, cos I've always leave that kinda thing to my cousin or bro to do it for me. But last nite I decided to try it out myself and I've got 3 tones now. haha! Well, just let me share with ya what ringtones I've got now... hehe.... I have "Just Like A Pill", "Dilemma" & "What I Go To Skool 4"(By Busted). I'm trying to look for more now... I have 4 more spaces for tones and can't find any good ones now. haha! Okie, enuf about that. I'm so gonna bore the hell outta ya, I know. LoL! Anyhoo, I was feeling really cranky just now. But I guess I'm okay now.. So, I'm gonna go back to updating the site!

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