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im a loner, im a loser, im a winner in my mind. (rock_a_bye) wrote,
@ 2006-05-30 21:48:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:static-x shadow zone

    shes dressed in crushed velvet... dancing in my dreams

    ive been thinking alot about things... which thinking for me is a bad thing... damn my brain!! so... i have a friend whos being a huge asshole to a innocent girl, but she doesnt see through his role... he sees what he wants her to see, which is stupid on her part, but weve started talking and now i think shes finally understanding, which i hope she does, and soon! she seems like she could be a really nice girl, and nice girls shouldent be corrupted by assholes with sexy accents!

    on another note... ive made friends with a really cool girl. shes a very in-your-face type of girl. haha. i help her with shit about the asshole above. shes not the girl, but the girls sisters girlfriend. we both try to tell her (the girl). yea, so shes really cool, i wish i could hang out with her out of work. mesh mesh.

    one of my other friends is really cool. hes ''tempted'' alot, haha, im waiting for him to snap. i wonder how long he can handle. he says alot of stuff.. and its really weird because i get giddy around him. not in the way like... oh wow i like him, but the way that im just happy to see him. and he has really awesome huggs... im glad ill be able to see him over the summer...

    so one of my other friends is rather annoying. shes always complaining about the same thing. shes gotten better, but still. AHG!!! i love her, but sometimes i want to strangle her. shes a little immature, but i think shes growing up. which is good. GAH!

    i miss my babydoll, she left me. but when she comes back, were going to have one hell of a celebration. my life is going downhill from here. drugs, alcohol, sex... heh i love my babydoll!

    so he is being really confusing... i dont understand. i love him to FUCKING DEATH. but i just dont want to be with him anymore. he is really awesome, but i see us more as friends. i dont know how to explain it to him, and i hate it. AHG... i really dont like how hes dishonest with me, breaking promises, lying, (probably cheating). no se... itll end soon... hopefully on a good note.

    and... saving the best for last. one of my really cool friends... weve had soo many different phases. i think shes is one of the only people ive had like a on and off crush on. her and both one of our exs. im always really jealous, i dont know why, maybe because someone else can have her and i cant, but when she talks about people like that it makes me JEALOUS!! eeeeeh. im always never sure if she likes me back (which im always really confused... so i never show it - even though im always kinda flirting, cuz thats just how i act with her from since i met her) but ANYWAYS. i <3 her... shes one of my really coolest friends. haha make sence? now that i want to actually say something nice and productive my mine is so blank... you could uh.... eat off it? i dont know. basically... im going to be full-on lesbian and shes coming along for the ride... (YEA THATS RIGHT BITCH YOUR COMING!!! hahahahahahaha) (you should take my virginity.. hahaHAHA)

    well sorry this sucked.... mesh mesh.

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