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the loudest beating heart (roaring_rory) wrote,
@ 2011-08-30 22:32:00
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    #1356: Silk
    He was, besides, one of those men who like to witness their own life, considering any ambition to live it inappropriate.

    It should be noted that these men observe their fate the way most men are accustomed to observe a rainy day (7-8).

    I don't like this book. I dislike the structure (though I started off disliking the structure of IOAWN and now adore it, still need to talk about that sometime) and Hervé rubs me up the wrong way. The above paragraph is all we've got on him, really, in the first few pages... and he sounds yuck already.

    But the end of the book got me. And I couldn't stop thinking about it. And I will get to the root of this... preoccupation.

    I also need to write to Phil sometime to clarify stuff, but oh, too many things to handle, to think about. This is my mental note (as I fear my mental note will just go forgotten if it is not recorded).

    Also, it seems that I am currently surrounded by people getting engaged and married. It's not even Spring yet, guys, keep it in your pants. Of course, this comes with outside pressure.

    I bought a present for Lach today and he didn't show.

    Now, a cup of tea for a long night of prep and markups.

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