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Rachal (rltarquin) wrote,
@ 2009-11-21 22:05:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    Ad Project
    I met a new girl on campus today and she asked the typical question, most college students ask one another, what my am I majoring in. I told her I am majoring in Communications and am on the Advertising track. She gave me a disgusted look and said, “That’s what the world needs is another advertiser to distract us from reality.”

    Is the world of advertising that bad? I think advertising gets a bad rep. I am interested in the beauty of taking a cause, or organization, and helping them get their name out there into the world. I appreciate how Dove has carried on with the real beauty theme throughout the ads they have done. I do not want to fall into the “false advertising” many people see today. I want my name to be associated with something that will improve people’s lives for the better. I see myself writing slogans and help brainstorm ideas for the media that gets made.

    Speaking of writing slogans and brainstorming, in my class we had to do an Ad project. When I heard the assignment I was overjoyed to have been given a chance to prove to myself, once again, why I chose this major. We were given a product, the Kindle DX, and I chose to create a print ad.

    Who knew creating an ad would involve so much writing. I used to joke with myself by saying, as an advertiser, I would not have to worry about grammar because it’s only advertising, right? (laughs) Who was I kidding? I wrote about four pages of information to go in addition to the ad I created. It was an interesting challenge. The first part of the assignment was to brainstorm headline/slogans for the product. I could have easily used more than one slogan, but trying to limit it down to one was hard. It goes without saying; I am looking forward to more creative assignment to see my growth in the production part of my future career. I know my grammar has improved, and I know the road to perfection is farfetched so I must practice, practice, practice to stay on top of it.

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