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Rachal (rltarquin) wrote,
@ 2009-11-07 12:32:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    Building Blocks
    As a college student, I am taking classes that are taking me one step closer to my Bachelor’s Degree. I two classes away from my Business Administration minor, and then I will have free time to take my communications classes that I have been yearning for quite some time now! I will admit, taking Principles of Advertising, gave me a reassurance I wanted to use my creativity for more than for my own personal gain – I want to use it to benefit others. Now than I am almost through my second communications class, I know I made the right choice when I switched my major.

    It is more apparent to me that some aspects of the college realm are fictitious from the real world. In my business classes I am absorbing new information, comprehending the concept and throwing it back to the teacher in test form. Am I really learning anything doing that? I am learning new ideals I would not have encountered on my own, but as far as retaining this newfound information, it is simply not there. I have been working in retail for almost five years now, and what I am leaning in my business classes just does not happen in the “real world” as my professors say it should. My point is: In my communications classes I have seen progress in the early stages of my adventure in becoming a Communications Major. If I were to absorb the information and not retain it, like I am doing in my business classes, then I cannot apply the information to improve my skills that I will need for a future in Communications.

    Last week in class we had to write a 30-second broadcast. I enjoy the real world assignments and applying it to what might be expected of me in the future. This may come across being biased towards my new major, but it is meant to show my revelation of gratitude. I am made for great things, and great things are coming my way.

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