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HayZi (riskit325) wrote,
@ 2003-03-16 12:30:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Swing Swing -all american rejects ;)

    Hola!! lol im in a great mood..well yesterday i went over kellis b/c jenn had an eye app. and soo when me n kelli woke up we went to her house and stayed ther..took showers..watched movies etc..haha and then later we walked to aarons ..jenn katiew sean and aaron were all ther..we were going to meet brad andrewp and adrian at the heritage Ilse pool but we didnt have a ride and we ARENT walking soo we decided to go to kellis..soo we all walked ther and then went into the jacuzzi :) whaha it was fun ;) then we went inside and jenn n katie left cuz jenn had to go the movies with her mama and kt went with i think..soo then aaron stayed at kelllis a while longer n we three just hung out..then aaron had to leave n it was like 7..kelli and i chilled till jenn got home then we walked over to her house and andrewp katiew brad jenn adrian kelli carol and i watched a scurry movie about a ceral killer :( we all stayed ther till about 1230am and then brad adrew and adrian went to brads but me kelli katie n jenn stayed up till 245
    it was fun..and then today i woke up n got ready fer church but then when my m0m piked me up at 1023am she said tht we dont have time fer church since my cousins are coming at 1..its 1245 now soo they should be here shortly..i cant do anythnig today b/c were going to the pool with them..but i wont swim cuz i swam yesterday..and i dont feel like it..all my clothes are at kellis soo i get to go over ther later and retrieve them:) but fer now im just guna get in the shower and relax i guess..u kno u wana comment... lol xoxo peace *hay*

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