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Shakira (ripoll_) wrote,
@ 2003-01-30 11:26:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Walk Away - Christina

    I've always liked to just write on paper, little black and blue characters that spill onto clean sheets of paper. I write letters that form words, words that form sentences, sentences form paragraphs and paragraphs are thoughts. Little by little I turn hours of thought into a page. It's always astounded me, how things are complexed and suddenly de-complexed.

    I've never drafted any work that I've ever written, not a song, not anything. I write as I think, thoughts flowing straight to my fingertips, making no stop to readjust for someone else. Digested thought is less pure, less truth. Spur of the moment thinking keeps you on your feet, the second you let yourself relax is the second that you beceome too minded about what other people think, which is basically what digesting your thoughts is. You're adjusting to the standards that others have set, you're changing for the "better good". In short, it's self-censorship.

    I dislike censors and critics, as if it's anyone's business to tell you what's morally right and wrong. Morally right according to whom? Everyone has their own set of morals and to tell a girl to wear a longer skirt and a looser shirt is just as wrong as telling someone what to say. A part of being well-known is being critiqued on your work, but then people take it too far. They critique your clothing, your personality, your love life, your family. I remember watching televison and seeing endless specials on how Christina's clothes were too tight, on how Britney cheated on Justin. I couldn't tell you how much it upsets me to see people exploiting other people's lives for their own profit. When I was dating Anthony (which, by the way, is a story and an entry unto itself), right and left people were throwing their two cents in. My albums are banned in Argentina because who I'd fallen in love with. The government had banned my expression, my art, because I had loved a man whose father was not their greatest president.

    The censors are wrong, they're always wrong. Christina, you're beautiful. Britney, way to turn the tables ;) And look at that, I'm done.

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