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XxXLoserChickXxX (riot_girl_04) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 15:14:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Over My Head(Better Off Dead)-Sum 41

    ~!*{My Life as Of Now}*!~
    Well lets see ima start with the beginning :)). Well my mom owns a bar right? Well it isnt doing that well. People arent drinking anymore! :(( In other words we are broke. We have money, but im not gonna be spoiled like before :)). I admit Im spoild but im not a brat. I always got whatever i wanted and was always happy with that. its gonna be hard making the change but eh what are u gonna do :)) I prob sound so like um that one word um i dunno but yea :)) Im not going to complain tho! Im happy as ever before! \:D/

    Some good news is that Sarah called me yesterday and she said that she found a bassist and guitarist! \:D/ Yay! Im so happy! Saturday shes gonna go watch them play and then the weekend after next we will all meet. To tell u the truth i didnt kno she would find a chick bassist so damn fast :)) O well as long as they are good i dun care! We will be the ONLY chick band at open mic! Dude its gonna rule! Im so glad i went up to talk to her!

    Sort of depressing........I dont get to talk to Tobey much anymore :(( Its hard to meet someone like him talk to them like everyday then just not talk as much anymore. Hes one of those people u never knew was living. Hes so easy to talk to and wont hate u fer yer opinions. Then we he gets hurt by people like Kayla it pisses me off. Well next time he signs on ima talk to him til he tells me to shut up!
    Hes like the older brother that i never had(Even though i have an older brother Tobey is there for me unlike my real brother)

    Well ima go into that story bout my jackass brother! Well he worked in the bar for my parents on Saturdays meaning all my saturdays i had to babysit my bratty little niece. God she was so AGH! i hated her so much i swear. She did things to annoy me like swearing at me and disrespecting me it was just so agh. Then u go to my brother and of course he dun believe me cause his daughter was a nice little angel. My Ass she was! He thinks shes sweet and kind psh he dunno his own daughter very well. I always had to involve her in with my life. She had to come along when i went to the mall with MY friends. Then David, My brother, would get mad when i didnt involve her in things. It was so fustrating! anyways Well my mom had to change the days around for who works on what days in the bar. David got mad cause he didnt have saturdyas anymore. And he was always was complaining he didnt spend enough time with his daughter. God he cant make up his damn mind! So he got pissed bout that, called my parent a bunch of names and never came back. Btw we are half siblings we only have the same dad not the same mom. He like sends me text messages on my phone trying to make us feel bad. But of course i dont! I have nothing to do with it! So i didnt send Kori, My niece his daughter, a b-day card er anything :)) big deal. Hes the one who stopped coming around :))

    See with Tobey being my brother i dun have to go through none of that :)) He wont work fer my parents unless he wants to which he would be crazy :)) and he wont want me to baby sit his kid 24/7 on the count he dun have no kids.

    Well thats pretty much it fer now. Hopefully u got this far :)) If u did thxxx fer reading!

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