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XxXLoserChickXxX (riot_girl_04) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 12:26:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:Punk rock 101-Bowling For Soup

    *!~{Best day ever}~!*
    Yesterday rocked. I went to the open mic at Old Town to see Screw Flanders {Patrick,Brian, and Davids band}. There were a lot of other good bands there too. There was this one guy,Quake i think, He was like sort of a rapper. He could sing the song and make the beat of the song at the same time. He had no music nothing just his mouth was doing everything. He was so fucking awesome. Everyone stood up and clapped and cheered it was awesome. When Screw Flanders went up there, there was a group of people who knew them, including myself. After every song, we all screamed. Then some of the girls {Annie,Anna,and Samantha} went up there and danced while they were playing. It was so awesome. I got to talk to Samantha for a while. God i havent seen her in forever. A lot of people were there. When the band wanted to play another song, the bastards kicked them off stage. It was still awesome though.

    After we left there we all were gonna go to Calo. Well Brian went home. So Pat took Annie's mom,Patrick, and David in her car to go there, and My mom, Annie, Anna, and I went in my moms car. Pat took Lake Shore Drive and got there way before we did. We took Clark, forgetting that there was a Cubs game. Meaning the street was cut off half way because all the people were outside of Wrigly and in all the bars around there. In the mean time of being stuck Annie, Anna, and me started just saying hi to everyone. When we got closer to the Cubs park, we screamed "Go Cubs!!!" Some people looked at us like we were drunk or they wanted to shoot us. So we acted stupid the whole night.

    After we all ate and everything we wanted to go to the park, but it was like 11:30 so we might have gotten arrested. But it would have been cool! Tonight i will see Patrick and Annie for the All-American rejects concert.

    Annie and Anna are awesome. They are like so fuckin cool. I really need more friends like them. Yesterday was like that best day ever cause i was hanging out with them. But yea it was so fuckin awesome yesterday. Hopefully tonight will be just as awesome.

    Well i have said enough. So ill be writing in this later!

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