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Rilez (rileysreality05) wrote,
@ 2005-06-12 02:53:00
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    Current mood: thirsty

    talked to this girl i havent talekd to in forever

    jenny.... shortie? yea thats her!
    she's really cool... had alot of fun talking to her and helping her with her travis problems, which was alot... dang, didnt know it would of been THAT much wow lol and she cuts... just like travis... and me:-\ nvm, im not fur real cauz i just did it one time but i was feeling really hopeless that day... so idk... but shes trying to stop... because she just realized theres no use of doing it anymore, when life's going great! travis helped her some what stop but she's cut back alot now... im not sure if thats the only reason she stopped tho, so she could have travis back... idk, but i hope thats not the only reason... because i talked my butt off for her! lol and i practically just met her! but she's really cool. she showed me a pic of herself. wow. she's really pretty, i knew after looking at her, and talking/getting to know her that i wanted to ask her out...but i knew she was travis'...and i have holly... now idk what to do :-\ i think that's real bad for doing that, but that doesnt mean i cant keep talking to her... i just feel weird/bad for doing that.... but she says stuff that makes me go "crazy" ... 'flirting?' yea...that's the word? lol i see it in her words.... she's hooked on him like glue on paper!! maybe i should just wait for them, maybe just maybe after travis and her...and after me and holly... maybe then..... until then... what?

    my mom and dad found out about the holly thing...
    my dad grounded me... my mom yelled at him for grounding me and said "u can not tell me, u havent felt that way over me before" lol i thought it was funny cuzz my dad looked at her like 'ha! im a man'... but im still grounded, guess mom's dont always do everything around the house... but i still get to do alot of stuff, just not hang out with my friends near me... even tho holly comes over and swims all the time, my mom likes her. so i guess thats the good part about being grounded lol yea, so i can do anything in this house and never get bored... unless i sit on the internet all day, waiting to talk to someone... but i only end up talking to one person for 8 hours straight lol or 8 for a couple of minuts lol oh well, if im not on the internet, i can swim... play pool... air hockey... tv... golf cart... and more, but i dont feel like going into detail with all that

    my life is not that bad. it stopped that day with holly! jenny said she's happy for me, but something tells me that was just a cover up of jealousy... idk tho, i dont always listen to my head lol

    i talked to ashley today (brooke's older sister) she's awesome! she told me that she wanted to bang me lol she's 19 i think, but she's real sweet! and hot (never as hot as me tho) lol jp

    well, guess thats all i wanted to say...
    getting the hang of this thing, but i cant ever remember the name

    ok cya

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