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Rikki (rikki77) wrote,
@ 2005-09-20 21:54:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Wasteland by 10 Years

    oy. i dont really have time to write in this thing that much nemore.. not that ne1 reads it.. but ya kno =P

    i had an amazing weekend last weekend. saturday nite wuz particularly the best. i felt like i wuz here for a reason. i felt like some1 actually cared more about me then i thought. i felt amazing and alive. it wuz the most amazing feeling ever. only a few ppl kno what im talkin about... but i just loved the way his feelings were poured out onto me like a waterfall. a-ma-zing.

    other then that... a lot of things keep happening to me... for colleges n stuff. i got scholarship money coming my way in 2 places. actually they arent FOR SURE... but i have a really good chance. i thought that wuz awesome. but i dont wanna feel all.... conceited orrr "brag" sooo... enough about that.

    so0o0o0o RITA is comin our way eh? thats CRAZY. im kinda scurred. heh. my house floods kinda easy in the backyard n such. noooot good. so much for this weekend being fun =\ i wuz hoping to have another gr8 weekend like the 1 before. ha. gosh rikki... why wuld u think sumthin like that wuld ever happen? =P

    basketball is still goin good. although there wuz that 1 time that i wanted to quit.. but i talked to coach hornsby n everything is cool now. whew. i still cant tell whether im on Varsity or JV... n i wont kno till the end of October. that kinda sucks. she keeps puttin all the jr's with the varsity players.. but i have NO idea. and REALLY... i dont kno WHAT i want. i kno that i wanna play a lot.. but if im on Varsity. ha.. i can just write my name on the bench. pft. but then again.. ill get my jacket n such. and i wont b the only one that wont b playin. if all the jr's get on thurr. all of us wont play as much as the sr's.

    i dont think very many ppl kno... cuz again, i dont wanna sound all... conceited.. buuuut i got accepted into the Miss Teen Houston Pageant.. andddd its on October 9th.. soooo, wish me luck! =)

    yea, thats about all.... uhhh... peace out =)

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