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ricabook229 (ricabook229) wrote,
@ 2011-08-29 13:58:00
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    Current mood:nervous

    Can Muscle Cars Actually Make A Comeback
    If you're in your forties or fifties, it's likely your original car was a real American muscle car. These autos have are responsible for people searching all over the United States for old muscle cars that need restoration. The real explanation is that not any of the Big Three are making these awesome machines anymore. The big uncertainty is when is somebody likely to make a real muscle car again

    Chevy and Ford have been launching new versions of Camaro's and Mustangs ever since the 60's. The issue is that every year these auto producers get away from what a true muscle car is and they keep filling them with more and more computer equipment. Will there possibly be the next car that's got a 327 and a 4 barrel carburetor Unfortunately the reply to this question is most likely never.

    The main problem is people want to fix things when they are not really faulty in the first place. For instance the 1967 Camaro which is one of the most popular muscle cars ever created. Thus if this car was so popular why did Chevy stop turning it out and why have they not made that type of model since. It was likewise the same for the superb 1966 Mustang, with all its awesome styling and power, Ford decided to not make it anymore.

    I'll tell you the funny thing. Volkswagen recognized the chance to reintroduce the VW Bug and they did. This new Beetle sold very well in spite of its ultra modern design. Had they stuck to the traditional style, they may have sold more. It can't be helped that these people assume that new has to be better.

    Among the big concerns is this. If Chevy made a decision to go retro and build a Camaro with a 327 engine and 4 barrel carburetor and left out all the elaborate technology, wouldn't you want one I asked this question to literally many people throughout the years and they all said they would immediately get one. hulk foam hands Why hasn't it occurred When there is a request for something which is back-to-basics, can't the car companies listen.

    When will Ford or GM believe that it is a good time for them to build cars like the good old days I am sure that selling these timeless American cars will be very profitable for the car companies. But till the big companies realize that there is a demand for these kinds of vehicles we are going to have to keep looking through the junk yards and rebuilding the classic American muscle cars.

    You never know maybe someday a muscle car fanatic will end up with an important position in one of those major automobile companies and be able to talk some sense into them. Sadly the head guys at these companies have got this belief, that if they think they are creating new and better muscle car, people will want it. Personally I think it's about time to go back to the basics.

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