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Dirty Old Horny McWack Wack (rhwimsickal) wrote,
@ 2003-02-06 17:48:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:crappy crappy instrumental jazz

    I just woke up from a three hour nap. I did not, however, finish my social reading. I still have thirty-four more pages to go. To that I say poo.

    There was something I intended to write but sleeping has made my brain fuzzy and I forgot. Which is a shame, because I need to practise writting all my nonsense at once and not in a bajillion short little meaningless one sentence entries. You know, with the limit thing [on livejournal]. Herm.

    Maybe it was about how this sleeping thing might screw me over when I have to sleep later tonight. Maybe it was about swimming thirty laps (two laps short of a mile) the last few times I've gone swimming. Maybe it was to talk about going out to coffee with the-birthday-girl-Nicole and the-not-birthday-girls Carla, Nettie and The Brad. I was sleeping yesterday too, they woke me up by bursting into my room with squeals, giggles and hugs. Nicest waking up in sooo long I tell you.
    Maybe it was about how I'm understanding Math! Yay! I know it's just the beginning of the year and that it's going to get harder, but it's a good sign that I understand it well enought to explain it to someone else (and have them understand).
    Maybe it was about how the happiest moment of yesterday was standing in my kitchen while it was still bright out washing vegetables with my discman on. Home alone and only slightly fucked up, thinking about how nobody else in the whole world will ever have thas exact experience
    Maybe it was about how the happiest moment of the day before yesterday was while passing Bev in the pool and swimming through a cloud of itty bitty bubbles from her last kick. About feeling the power in her kick in the force of the water that flowed under me. About the tickle of hundreds of little bubbles rolling over the whole front of my body as they struggled to the surface of the water.
    Maybe it was about drinking Grog aux Pommes.
    Maybe it was about Nicole's birthday party extrordinaire on Saturday and me being all like "Hey Nicole, is there anything you want me to bring?"
    Maybe it was about the wonder of finding a Costco size bag of Chicken and Monterey Jack Chimichangas in the freezed.
    Maybe it was about how good it felt to comfortably sit outside for ten minutes yesterday without losing body parts to the cold.
    Maybe it was about having to go set the table now.

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