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A Fire Outside (rhombusme27) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 22:25:00
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    Current mood:era
    Current music:GlassJAw - Radio Cambodia

    era this woot that
    I didn't do much today. I was watching "The Queen of the Damned" again and my dad yelled at me for watching "that vampire nonsense". Then I asked him how the stuff he watches is better. That made him feel stupid. Oh well. I talked to Marie online today. She was totally bitching about her bass. She thinks if people know she one, everyone else will want to get one. But um...I've been saving up for over a year and I don't EVERYONE's life revolves around hers (but some do). So whatever. Then I looked at some more emo websites, because the ones that tell you how to dress emo are so amusing. On the second one I found, for guys it says to wear Reebok sneakers. Liz was so right about KOC's emoness. I have to send her that website. I took this quiz about how "emo" I am.

    take the emo quiz
    .created by jessi

    Charlie Brown is cool. But not SO cool. There is a city in Ontario called Emo. I wonder what genre of music I should look up for no reason next week? Well, don't read the last entry in Liz's journal. Tomorrow I have to go visit Binghamton with my family. I don't think my brother is going to go there, so why the hell are we going to visit.

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