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Revlis307 (revlis307) wrote,
@ 2005-05-27 02:31:00
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    had to..LiveJournal can be a real pain in the ass
    ART SECTION:(its like my journal is suddenly a newspaper of my life)

    i did a REALLY CRAPPY job ...

    :_< *kicks rock*

    i did a quick birfday pic for somone..and well the sketch was decently nice..but god damn..i HATE mixing colors wih fur just because the fur isnt a colored pencil..

    can't crayola or Roseart make a fox fur color? turned out..fing horrible.. :< seriously..its not one of those" yeah art sucks" when its decent..its not a hard on yourself thing..its..just..not..good.i mean the flutterbyes(butterflies) and the flowers are nice, and i love the pose and all..just the coloring sucks, the black did not want to work with me..and the mixing of brows, and olives and oranges..completely..sucked. the got all..icky and then when i tried to ..well blend it with my eraser..the graphite(pencil lead stuff) smeared ..and..Buh just looks awful..*sad kitty*..
    i like the flutterbyes though =3 .

    but yeah thats the only piece ive acually done for someone..lately ive just been drawing for me..

    just a couple of V heads (V being my charcter..incase you didn't know) pretty much a character sheet..i spose *head tilt* a badger skull..which i inked..but went into further thought, and added some demon features (Horns, scraggly hair ..wierd hand) and it turned out decent :/ and it worked for the pic (considering North American badgers are a totem of mine, and the badger represents my dark side..haha...dark wars..nvm.).

    then i drew ...well another V pic, sept hes all funkeh..Were-legs, skinny-ASS doggie body, human hair, canine expression, quad form..

    verrah odd..but hey its what came out of my then i inked that..and..aded a charcoal BG..weeee..= O.o =

    Dawn: Not started-Needs a photo ref of your dog-

    Arisciema: needs to be inked

    Traumskie: 5/8 sketched
    RatrinaDragon: has an idea
    Coffee bean: has an idea
    Arisciema: has an idea
    Glennoar: transfered
    Huskie666: re-doing
    Mirage-leopard: thinking
    Dixonqui: thinking
    Ziie: Thinking
    Nushaa: has a slight idea

    MISC Art:
    Arisciema: Transfered
    Twitsed Ed: sketched
    Surprise Gift: 1/8 colored
    Loki Spirit: has an idea-needs paper-

    hmm 16 pieces in all..
    plus my own list .. which looks a bit liike this:(note..none are even close to being sketched :< i dont have time)
    Raya portrait
    Marshall portrait
    Demon Boy(really awsome idea in my head..just suck at humans )
    7 deadly sins (7 in all..)
    more Zombie dogs
    Insane V
    more V taurs

    more will come and now i also have a comic list i want to do..:/ of course..all i can put is the titles..

    Piggy Back pooper
    Shadow Puppets
    Stick dancin
    Bubble gum bomb
    Coffee and the rolley chair

    thats it for now ='_'= yep.

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