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Potter's Revenge Mods (revengeofthemod) wrote,
@ 2005-05-06 23:38:00
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    Potter's Revenge

    Apply # Rules # Wanted # Taken # Past

    Who we are:

    Sixth year, trio-era game with a plot scheduled six months in advance and room for subplot to fit in. Very active, no OC's, and lots of room for improvement, ideas and comments. We hold OOC chats every night to talk things in the game through, ask/answer questions and just generally have a laugh. We're a relatively new game but a lot has gone on. Any questions you would like answered before you apply or if you're thinking of applying, I'll gladly give you answers to. Ping us on AIM at Potter Avenged or Tonks the Avenger any time you see us on. We don't bite! Honest!

    What we want:

    Dedicated roleplayers who know their characters as well as their canon and use it in a good way. We like good spelling, good grammar and enjoy reading through longer applications. We are elite in the sense of not accepting players who cannot write but not in the sense of ultimate bitchery. We welcome anyone and everyone here, all we ask is that you understand your characterisation and play nicely once you're accepted. OOC drama is something that is not tolerated at all; our players have lives, they don't take gaming THAT seriously. Anyone who starts malicious messages or IM's to our players without good reason will be removed. All of us like writing logs and entries so you can poke us for storylines any time you like and talk us through any reasoning behind things you'd like to bring to the game. If you are worried about your character not having a place in the game then talk to us as we need characters for lots of different reasons and complicated plot in the near future.

    And this is very important! If you join our game and something bad happens in real life but you want your character held - e-mail, comment or IM us with the word "Snitch". It saves you going through any horrid details. We will hold your character for as long as you need but you are agreeing to let us NPC them if we need them for plot and you are not back. If you don't return after 2 months, the place will be readvertised as we cannot hold onto characters forever. Similarly though, if a friend of yours joins us and has a problem but can't get online - you can even Snitch for them, just make sure you know who they play and we'll let them know their character is on hold via e-mail at

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