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*Kristen* (releaseme) wrote,
@ 2003-06-17 14:32:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:*The Speed Of Pain* // {Marilyn Manson} //

    *Mechanical Animals*
    I haven't written in this thing in a few days, so I thought I'd update now. I should actually be getting ready since I'm leaving to go out to dinner in a few hours but what's the rush, right?

    I had some really weird dreams last night but the only one I remember vividly was about some guy I don't know in real life. He was supposed to be younger than me, like in the 14 - 16 range and he was really weird and obsessive. I was lying in my bed using my laptop and he was there beside me, only it seemed like he came through the computer to me. I think I met him online or something but I'm really not sure. He kept trying to get me to let him touch me and I felt like he was crazy. I mean, some random guy is lying in my bed wanting to mess around with me and he was just a little kid. It was gross. I was also apparently waiting for a guy friend to come over too, so I kept telling this guy he needed to leave, but he wouldn't listen. Ugh, it was so weird and disgusting. I'm glad this stuff doesn't happen in real life. *hehehe* I don't even think I know any 14 year old boys. Eh, it was just a dream so whatever.

    Today has been pretty uneventful. I just woke up, ate some leftover pasta, and showered. Yay, my life is so exciting. :-P Yesterday was pretty weird though. I got a phone call from someone at my school asking if I could do this other session of work there. Basically I had signed up for this work thing at my school for the summer for two weeks in July and like a week and a few days in August and ended up only getting the August one. Well, someone dropped out of the July one and they wanted me to do that too, but I already had plans to go out of town during that time. I turned down $500 which I definitely could've used, but it's okay I guess. I mean, I wasn't going to drop my plans or anything. I think I'll be okay with the money I have anyway. Next year I want to do both sessions, but hopefully I'll initially get both of them so I won't have to worry about all the planning and stuff.

    I'm really excited about this Friday. My boyfriend is coming in to stay for a week! :-) We're going to see Pearl Jam in Columbus, Ohio on the 24th, so that's definitely something to look forward to besides spending time with him. It felt really weird at the beginning of the summer not being able to see him all the time like I did during the school year. I mean, we go to different colleges but he was only four hours away when I was at school, so we drove to see each other like every weekend. My house is like ten and a half hours away from his though, so it's tough to see each other a lot in the summer. It's gotten easier not seeing him ... I mean, we talk on the phone for hours every day, so it's not like we never have contact or anything. I don't know, I guess I just know I'll see him a lot more in a couple of months and I feel like the summer should be more about spending time with my family and my friends here since I'm away from here eight months of the year now. I guess most people would probably feel that way though.

    I guess that's all I really have to say today. Sorry to all who read this ... I know it's not too interesting. :-P I doubt anyone's life is really so interesting all the time though. I guess I'll actually do something productive ... Or not. :-)

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