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*Kristen* (releaseme) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 10:00:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:// { * Nothing * } \\

    Just randomly ranting here. I really don't have anything in particular to say, but I felt like writing. You know, one thing I've been thinking about lately is the quality of guitar playing in Marilyn Manson. Everyone focuses on the "controversial" lyrics and Marilyn Manson himself and you really don't hear that much about the instrumental aspects of the songs. So anyway, I just wanted to say that I think the guitar work is excellent. :-)

    I guess the real reason I brought that up is because I've been getting back into the band. I mean, I've always liked them but for a couple of years I wasn't listening to them as much. Lately I'e been more into them though ... Yay! I seem to go through phases of listening to one band or artist for a period of time and then I go to someone else and come back to the old ones later ... It's not that I ever stop liking the band or anything, it's just that listening to the same thing over and over for years can be boring. Eh, whatever. No one cares that much, I'm sure. :-P

    I just took 's purity test and here are the results: You are 62% Pure! That's pretty pure ... I thought it would be worse than that. *hahaha* I'm a good girl, I guess.

    the internet junk 'how bad are you test' deems me:
    57% bad!

    You wish you were feared. Unfortunately your inner voice tells you to be good. Your badness is all show. You secretly watch the Muppet show. You get scared in the dark, and you probably still sleep with a stuffed animal.

Man, that's sad.

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