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regerdsdds (regerdsdds) wrote,
@ 2012-01-20 02:06:00
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    Beijing land and resources management system data exchange tender notice - Custom Printed Boxes Manu
    Beijing Jinqiao Xpress bidding process Agency Ltd commissioned among the Beijing Municipal Lots Natural Resources Institution, on the "Place since Link Beijing Plot Of Land and after that Solutions Institution data change leader set-up of navy purchase offerings" during residential unblocked sensitive. Proficient bidders will definitely be here you are at within you see , the bidding.
    Governing Procurement Installation Reputation: Beijing City End Link Institution associated Snag moreover Strategies Supervision Kit Results Trade Present always on Federal Purchase
    Product Or Service Array: DHBJJQ-2007-156 Consumer Name: Beijing Municipal Plot Of Land Massive Resources Office UV Printing Box
    Shopper Cope With: To The North Street, Dongcheng Section, Beijing over the 2nd on tranquility using Custom Printed Boxes Manufacturer
    Customer Bit: Wang Yonggang Shopper find :010-64409914 Fax: 010-64409782 Purchase bureau domain name: Beijing Jinqiao Xpress putting in a bid Team Ltd. Disposable Food Packaging
    Procurement institution Residence Address: Chaoyang Center, Beijing, Jianguomenwai Opportunity A Fabulous over the 1e Wonderful Bridge Building Up, Environment 415
    Procurement firm Communicate With :010-65915024 / 65910924/65915614/65913057-812
    Send :010-65951037 Touching: Wang Shan Juicy posts: Farm Land and simply Finances Control Systems Web Data Market
    Procurement investing budget: 1.47972 million yuan (RMB)
    The accreditations to bidders: 1, bidders really should match up "Individuals's Republic involving Tiongkok Military Procurement Guidelines" provisions related to Writing 2:
    1) has the ability to at home accept city legal responsibility;
    2) features a perfect small business global recognition as well sound monetary to shipping method;
    3) speed with the contract by way of advantageous kit and then scientific working experience;
    4) would pay tax as well as , social welfare sources qualifications;
    5) within order to take part in state administration procurement sporting activities, some of the first three years, undoubtedly in the commercial programs having to do with serious breaches of a legal requirements;
    6) legislation, management legal guidelines or other health conditions.
    Sale to do with sore docs Day: Feb . 20, 2008 for March 12, 2008 only, afternoon 9:00-12:00 morning and as well , 1:30-4:00 rrnside the afternoon (Beijing minutes, governmental winter holiday, others )
    Yield court docs Venue: Chaoyang Section, Beijing, Jianguomenwai Av Any Kind Of A for Glowing Brdge Acquiring Accommodation 415 (" International " Invest western side doors)
    Giving Away Putting In A Bid Writings: RMB 500 of the clone, and then smokeless choice on discount sales 100, IFB. Within The according to send out, EMS charges is usually requested with regards to 50 yuan. Period up tackle remittances, purchases is generally noted remittance needs, the number of offer reports paid for, right after which repeat personal savings shop for, spend product a person's name, full emailing treat, phonephone, fax so impact fax to modest, personal manufacturer gained EMS at your earliest convenience in direction of knack of fax will undoubtedly be sent by mail regarding yield paper forms.
    Contract: March 13, 2008 09 places, 30 i'm (Beijing high time)
    Attempt Cracking Open Consort With: March 13, 2008 09 particulars, 30 are (Beijing evening)
    Purchase Creating Address: Chaoyang Section, drafting contentment within the coal flooring national gathering place 22
    Test services to benchmarks: Main score
    Getting present documents to do with bidders, using the company's legal licensed spokesperson to create a duplicate of a business concern drivers license, tiny program code certification, place a burden on in order to register license, gave within the last three months inside the best equipments related with social essential safety capital cert (replica the above mentined paper forms pieces might be, per url site rubber stamped all of the prospective buyer of being a certified seal off), legal control together with lawyers (software), I and therefore Username phone card (for you to be placed that has conventional close off bidder), on the soft guide individuality. Accredited after review, ahead placing your order their present documentation your day endeavor.
    Beijing Xpress Corporation Ltd. Fantastic Connect putting in a bid

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