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zzz (redztt67) wrote,
@ 2012-07-20 10:06:00
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    Different types of accent lighting can be used

    Accent Lighting is lighting that emphasizes a region or an object in a room. The lighting increased drama or a room style, highlight some aspects of a room decoration. LED Accent lighting is a subtle light all walks of life the most commonly used for lighting form. However, this form of lighting can also be used to in the home or the landscape surrounding, highlight key object and key.

    For instance, many people like to display particular pieces of artwork or other collectible items in their home. Others may choose to highlight water features or plants in the garden. When adding light to a specific object, it can help create or set a particular mood to the area as well.

    Path lighting is the most common. Not only does it provide nighttime safety but can also accent interesting patterns, stones, or plants along the way. The use of floodlights can also provide safety. These accents lights are ideal for emphasizing architectural features in the landscape as well. For a more dramatic effect, the use of well lights can be placed in ground or floor fixtures and concealed with plants to cast LED light upwards.

    Monorail track lighting is sometimes used to illuminate artwork, since it can be custom designed to focus on different areas of the room. These tracks are made from flexible aluminum rods, which allow the tracks to be molded into shapes adjusting the lighting as needed. This kind of track lighting can be used for precision since the track can curve and loop, allowing the light to be directed more precisely. These fixtures may have standard track heads in chrome, brushed nickel, or dark finishes. They are also sometimes found with glass globes or track heads made of colored steel.

    There are also submersible accent lights, which are used for creating drama and highlighting ponds or other water features. Backlights are generally placed behind objects to create shadows or silhouettes. All of these types of accent LED lighting can be used to create various effects with different techniques. For example, silhouetting is used to accentuate an object’s outline. This, as previously stated, is done by placing backlights behind the object and pointing it upwards.

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