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Different kind of ordinary (redsmurf) wrote,
@ 2005-08-03 16:30:00
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    Ryans back! So I finally have something to write about! I went over to his house to welcome him home and we stood outside and talked for a little while and then lyndsey pulled up and got out of her car and walked over to Ryan and hugged him and hes like hey buddy and shes like hey sweetie and he grabbed the sides of her face and kissed her and shes like so wheres this new girl of yours and hes like shes coming and lyndseys like well I have to go call my lawyer but when she gets here I wanna meet her and Ryans like ok and lyndsey went inside and ryan and I talked fora little while more and then these two girls pulled up and ryan got really happy and walked over to the car and the girl in the passenger side got out and hugged ryan and he said hi to the other girl and then put his arm around the first girl and they walked back up to where I was and hes like this is brynn and i was like hi and then the other girl walked up and he was like this is my cousin and shes like hi and then grabbed brynn and looked at ryan and was like im gonna go introduce her to lyndsey and ryans like can I not come and his cousin was like later on and so they walked inside and I was like so howd you guys meet and ryan was like my cousin brought her up to illinois and was hung out so much and she took me hiking and taught me so much about myself that I'd never known before and I was like so you're glad you and Sami broke up and he smiled and was like I cant say I'm not, I couldnt sleep the night she broke up with me and it wasnt cuz she dumped me, it was because I couldnt stop thinking about brynn and i was like aw and he had this amazing smile on his face and I was like so are you guys going out and he shook his head and was like shes gonna be a little bit harder to land than anyone else and brynn came out and cuddled up to him and he put his arm around her and we all started talking and she had this really cute accent because shes from louisiana and after we'd talked for a while lyndsey and ryans cousin came out with a stereo and we were listening to music and talking and ryan and brynn went off like 20 feet by themselves and we were all watching them and ryan was holding her hand and saying something to her and he was getting closer and trying to kiss her but she touched his chest and kept him from kissing her and he smirked and put his arm around her and they started walking back to us and ryan was kind of hopping and head banging to the music and she was laughing and she was like ya'll are crazy and ryan smiled and kissed her neck and was like I love hearing you say anything and they started talking about how they loved each others accents and eventually he had to go pee so he went inside and brynn went and sat on the grass with us and lyndsey was asking her what all they did in illinois and she was saying how they went hiking and watched the sunset on the edge of this huge waterfall and how on the night sami broke up with him she went to check on him and they cuddled all night and we were all like aww and lyndsey was like why dont you go out with him, you're going to the same school so distance wont be a problem and she shrugged and was like if he'd ask I would and we started scheming about getting him to ask her out and he came out and sat next to brynn and put his arm around her and kissed her cheek and she cuddled her face onto his shoulder and closed her eyes and lyndsey was mouthing ask her out to ryan and he shook his head and she nodded and brynn opened her eyes and saw ryan shaking his head and lyndsey nodding and ryan smirked and brynn smiled and he stroked her hair and he went in for the kiss but she leaned back away from him and he looked away from her and she cuddled up with him again and was like you just broke up with your girlfriend and hes like and you made me not care and she stroked his cheek and was like you still care and he looked her straight in the eyes and shook his head and was like not when Im with you and she gently pulled his face to hers and kissed him twice and then pulled away and he smiled and she smiled and ryans cousin did the cat call and ryan whispered something in brynns ear and she smiled and was like yes and hes like really? and she nodded and he smiled and kissed her and we're like whats going on and ryans like this chicks all mine and we're all like yaayy and i had to leaveeee so i dont know what else happened.

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