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Different kind of ordinary (redsmurf) wrote,
@ 2005-07-26 14:30:00
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    I went to Ryans today and was hanging out with him and he was telling me about his girlfriend problems and she said she was gonna come home so they could talk and he was all waiting for her and then she wasnt home for a while so hes like are you home yet and shes like oh no no one wants to go home right now and he put his head down and ran his hands through his hair and like pulled at it and when he looked up he looked like he was about to cry and i was like whats wrong and he was telling me how they never get to talk and she said theyd get to talk more today but she lied and shes out doing other shit and hes leaving friday for like a week and they wont get to talk then and she doesnt give a shit and like freaking out and he ended up cryiing and one of his friends came in and was like awww ryyyannn and gave him a big hug and he told her what was wrong and shes like ok fuck her im taking you out tonight and hes like where and shes like hooters and he smiled and was like shutup and she was like put a shirt on and we're going to a strip club first and he got up and gave her a big hug and was like you always make me feeel better and shes like good lets go and he kept smiling and put his arm around her and was like no i dont really wanna go anywhere wanna watch a movie and shes like if we can cuddle and he looked at her and shes like just kiidding but will you leave your shirt off and he laughed and was like sure and so I left them alone.

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