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Different kind of ordinary (redsmurf) wrote,
@ 2005-07-17 21:23:00
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    Ryans away message tonight said to call him so I did and he said he was out in front of his house with a few people so I went over to check it out and saw him there with 2 girls and a guy and they were all talking so I walked up and joined the conversation and soon after ryan was like oh! jessie! I havent showed you code red yet and she was like show me! and so they both went inside and disappeared for like 45 mins and so we eventually went inside and found them in ryans room sitting in his love sacs drinking cokes and talking and we're like we were waiting for you guys and ryans like oh sorry and the other girl, cassie, who was with us was like hey jess do you wanna get going and shes like gimme a second alone with ryan and so we left the room and tried to listen to what was going on but we couldnt hear the whispering and finally she came out and was like im gonna stay here with ryan for a while longer and cassie was like ok and left with the guy and i left too.

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