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Becka (redneck12girl) wrote,
@ 2004-05-09 23:53:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:RedNeck Woman ~Grechen Williams~

    ****Life Is Great****
    Well lets see...To start off...I had absolutly no sleep. Friday morning me and my best friend heather left off to run some errands before we went back to her house to get some sleep before our Va Beach trip friday night to go watch the monster truck races(whcih was a blast might I add). So after our morning errands...we go to her house...and well to make a long story short..we found about 1000 other things we had to do. So 5 O'Clock friday night we meet 2 of her friends from her work to follow him to the beach. We ended up riding with the other girl that was going from heathers work which might I add....I already dont care for her. She just seems fake to me. The ride down there was ok...just the traffic really sucked it took like 3 hours for an orginal 1 1/2 hour trip. Once we got there it was FREAKING AWESOME. I have never had so much fun. Big Trucks, alot of Rednecks and the beach...what else could you want?? So anyways I had been talking to this guy I had meet from this phone chat line I did for fun and he lives down there so he wanted to meet. He told me what he was wearing and I saw him but didnt go up and talk to him because I thought he was very attractive and well I didnt think he would find me attractive at all so I didnt bother. He called me when we were leaving and ended up seeing me in the car leaving the car port. We needed to get gas before we headed back to richmond so he pulled over and talked to me. Seemed like he liked me and even wanted a hug before I left but...SURPRIZE SURPRIZE..he hasent called. Well we pulled out of the gas station and about 1/4 of a mile after we saw a guy standing on the side of the road holding his arm and heather saw blood and yelled for the girl to pull over. Me and heather ran to him and (I know your going to think were dumb) helped him. We tied things around his arm to stop the bleeding ..he was pouring blood from his arm...I cant believe I didnt pass out. To add to the blood he was drunk and threw up all over me and heather. It took the EMS about 20 mins to get to us.Once some help got there I was holding this guy up pretty much by myself and let me say he was one heavy guy..skinny but Im not made of muscle ok. Once he was taken away we had to get cleaned up sense we had blood all over us. We were suggested to go to the hospital they were taking him to fill out some paper work and make sure he was tested for things we could catch sense we were exposed to his blood. Well the girl who was driven who..SURPRIZE.. didnt have any blood on her didnt want to go to the hospital in Va Beach cause we would be there a while and didnt wanna get home at 4 Am or anything. So she basically talked us into going saturday in richmond.Well...they can test us but not him so sense SHE didnt feel like and heather have to get tested 3 months and at 6 months. Then both of our moms were upset that we had went to Va Beach and got a strangers blood all over us. But saturday went pretty good..until saturday night. Heather,her mom,my mom,my brother and I went out to eat and after wards heather,cliff and I were gunna go bowling so I went home to change clothes and my WONDEFUL st.father and I got into thie huge argument and told me he was going to buy my boxing gloves and wants to fight me. My opinion...SCREW THE GLOVES...BRING IT! Haha..Anyways...So we went bowling and before we left I called my mom to let her know I was coming to get my things and I was moving out..well she was aware of what her dumb husband had said to me and agreed with him which pissed me off even more. Im now staying at my aunts house until I can work out other arangments. Today Heather,cliff and I went to take my mom a cake for mothers day and it went over pretty nice I must say. It wasent too bad. We didnt argue anyways. My aunts house is okay, I can pretty much do what I want, come and go as I please ..long as she knows when Im coming home and somewhat what Im doing. Which at home...I had to be in by like 11 or 12 sometimes earlier and pretty much she had to know the people I was going withs phone numbers and stuff...hello Im not 5 going camping. My aunt is a great person and has helped me out alot along the way, but her house isnt exactly high living. I dont have a bedroom and she has like 3 dogs which makes the house stink and is covered with dog hair. But I just have to take a shower get dressed and run out the door so I still smell good.Haha...Lol. Sorry it was so long but it helps to get my feelings out on paper...helps alot actually. Now my wonderful guy life. I meet the guy named Jonathan..he is perfect, well to me. We get along great and theres not very much we dont share a liking on. He would be the perfect boyfriend, one of those kinda boyfriends who is like you best friend but you can kiss him too. Lol. He has a great relationship with his mom which is awesome, alot of guys dont have that. My only issue is, im big on being a one man woman and having a one woman man. I have a couple guys who call me who think we "talking" when really I just wanna be friends and thats it. Jonathan is the only guy Im "talking" to. The couple of others guys are sweet and will make wonderful boyfriends..just not mine. One guys is just to high strung, all he talks about is how much money he makes and how hes gunna get this and that when he dosent have anything by himself but a freaking cell phone and makes like $7.50...which isnt making no one rich! Another "friend" is amazing he is becoming great friend and I feel like he really listens to me and cares when Im upset and actually understand me or well is a great actor. But we could never be anymore I dont think. I just dont have those kinda feelings for him. I just love talking to him but..thats it. So there is only 2 guys and the both think were going somewhere when I've already decided...friends is all I have to offer. But I dont wanna hurt them and Im afraid if I tell them I only wanna be friends I might lose them all together but I also dont wanna mess things up with Jonathan by him thinking something is going on with them when I told him he is the only one Im intrested in. Jonathan might be the jealous type but not to the point he would get mad I dont think. All I know is Im trying to keep everyone happy..and its hard. I wanna call them and stuff but I dont want them thinking its because I wanna be more than friends. Jonathan is coming down (lives in Va beach) and I dont want my cell phone to be ringing and him thinking crap...but I guess its just something I have to explain. AND! I dont want the other 2 guys who are just friends to find out I just wanna be friends by hearing some guy in the background....I dont know..Its werid but...I guess everything will work out I hope. Its like 12:40am and I need to get up at like 6Am so sleep is sounding right good to me right now. Thanks for reading this tho Im doubting anyone is but probably will never be this long again. Nigh Night World


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